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10 Advantages of DNN DotNetNuke

If you're considering DotNetNuke for your website, you're probably researching the platform to understand the advantages of DNN (check out this article detailing a cost-benefit analysis of the different DNN versions) over other products. We want to make this process easy for you, so we've listed what we believe are DotNetNuke's top 10 benefits. Of course, depending on who you ask these "top advantages" may be slightly different according to the goals of other websites. Our list is meant to provide general list of benefits for businesses of all sizes.

First thing's first. A great CMS needs to make content management easy, and DotNetNuke does just that. Whether your a team of one or a team of managers, editors, and writers, DNN gives its users a robust rich text editor and many options to create great content. For larger teams, content workflows can be put into place for permission setting and approval management.
The features of DotNetNuke, whether out of the box or with third party modules, can be extremely powerful for businesses of all sizes. User management, advertisement management, email marketing, document management, multilingual ability, blog management, and more are included to help marketing and IT teams manage their website.
DotNetNuke provides extremely thorough security. Each user group is provided its own permissions, and all users can be sorted into these groups based upon what the operations require. As opposed to other CMSs that may require you to install a third party (and probably weak) application, DotNetNuke has a security model built into the CMS architecture. This makes DNN one of the most secure platforms for websites on the market.
DNN, because it is based on ASP.NET, is extremely extensible with pre-made or custom modules. It can be easily integrated with virtually any business application, especially those in the Microsoft stack of Dynamics (GP, CRM, etc.).
DotNetNuke's efficient code base ensures that websites run quickly to provide a great user experience for all of your site visitors.
The portal based architecture of DotNetNuke allows your business to run many sites on just one DNN installation. This can be beneficial if you need to run an intranet as well as your website, or multiple portals for individual departments.
Because of its flexible code base and architecture, DotNetNuke can be a great host for web apps or intranets. This is helpful for companies that want to manage many different IT assets on one easy platform.
DotNetNuke Corporation offers central technical support. Also, because DNN is open source, there are many partners that support it all over the world. This makes your investment in DotNetNuke a safe one for many years to come.
Based on your company needs, whatever version of DNN you choose, it will be a significant cost saving venture over other options (especially the custom ones that cost many tens of thousands of dollars to complete a project).
DotNetNuke has been used for 700,000 websites over many years, including for major companies and organizations such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, USAA, WeightWatchers, Bose, NASCAR, Cornell University, Dannon, Kia, Hilton, Whirlpool, Chrysler, Motorola, and more.
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  • Content Management System Software
  • Desktop, Table & Mobile Ready
  • Search Engine Friendly Clean HTML Code
  • Time & Efficiency
  • Drag and Drop Layout
  • No Need for HTML Code
  • Edit Text, Images & Video on the Fly
  • Custom Web Development Available Within the DNN
    Community of Web Developers
  • Variety of Module Plug Ins
  • Website Customization
  • Website Scalability
  • Multiple User Access & Assignment Settings

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