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Website Security

Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate.

SSL certificates enable your website to have the HTTPS status to google. Why is this important? Hackers, that's why. Hackers like to steal your information to profit from your identify. This occurs through personal information, contact forms and payment information. Banking, Credit Cards, eCommerce, medical, and law websites are the most vulnerable. But these days Google has made it clear that a secure website is the gold standard.

When you submit your information to a website, there is a liability factor that your information can be stolen from you. Google also checks every website as an SEO security measure. If your website is not secure, Google will rank you down the list, virtually eliminating the chances of your website being found by potential visitors, and definitely not on the first page. When it comes having everything in place to launch a new secure website, you will need a website checklist resource guide.

Reasons for an SSL

  • Secure eCommerce Solutions
  • Online Payments
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Credibility & Authority of Your Website
  • Downloading Information
  • Online Form Security
  • Web Browser User Safety
  • Lower Website Security Risks

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