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Did you know 91% of people believe in social media's power to connect people? And 78% of consumers want brands to use social media to help people connect with each other. This begs the question, are you utilizing your space on social media to create the connections consumers are looking for?
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Nothing compares to your brand. The letters, logos, or slogans from well-known brands have a significant advantage when it comes to grabbing the customers’ attention. That’s how the magic of a strong brand works.
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Digital channels, including the Internet and social media, are wonderful tools. Anyone with access to the online platforms can send and receive information about the most up-to-date news regarding people, businesses, products, and services.
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Millions of potential customers, patients, and consumers conduct a significant amount of research online before purchasing. Online reviews can positively or negatively impact your business reputation. Potential buyers trust the non-bias opinions of others.
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Video content is the most powerful, engaging and thrilling piece of content available today. 78% of people report watching videos online each week, with 55% of those watching on a daily basis. - Social Media Week.
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During a home renovation project, Sara Slatter was unable to bring her patio to life due to the inability to find the quality products she was looking for in Boise –– from there an idea was sparked! Patio Life in Meridian has been open for four years and aims to bring fun quality patio products to the Treasure Valley.
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