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With emerging technology in the palm of every consumers hand, how can restaurants benefit and increase their revenue? More specifically, how can online ordering benefit a restaurant and its bottom line? How many restaurant/food chains currently implement online ordering and what benefits does it bring? What value does it bring to the restaurant website, Point of Sale system and management?
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We get asked the question all the time. How can I merge two or more Facebook business pages into one? Well, that's a great question and luckily, Facebook is dynamic enough to accommodate these types of requests.
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Social Media is used for a variety of reasons. Most business and marketing professionals are using it wrong. See how to effectively use social media.
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WebMarkets, the exclusive provider of online marketing services for the Boise TechMall, will unveil its new location during the Boise TechMall Grand Opening. The BoiseTechMall is focused on hi-tech and innovative business solutions for consumers and business needs alike. With over 30+ companies calling the TechMall home, the Boise TechMall is providing a truly unique experience for the Boise, Idaho community.
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Social SEO, is exactly what is sounds like. Its is a combination of social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques, designed to fulfill gaps in overall Internet traffic and online branding. Social SEO, when implemented correctly, performs as a ying and yang. These two aspects of Internet marketing form a seamless bond, integrating and improving potential online customers and search engine rankings.
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This aspect is business 101. As a marketing director or business owner, you already understand overall supply and demand of your products and services. You understand who purchases your product, why they purchase your product, and the benefits of purchasing your product multiple times.
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