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Corey Langdon, COO, CFO and Co-Founder of Complete Restoration Services, is obviously used to wearing many hats. As a mother, business owner and little league coach she always gives 100% and consistently proves you can be a boss, even in a primarily male-dominated industry.
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Meet Whitney Williams, Regional Manager at Francini Inc. A remarkable businesswoman who inspires us to question everything and strive to be at our very best. Read more of her story here.
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We have been watching Shannon Love, the Office Manager at Castlebury Dental for years now and knew that she needed to be highlighted in our Women In Business series. Shannon has helped take the dental and orthodontics practice to levels they themselves weren't even expecting.  She is superb at what she does and inspires those that work around her to reach a little bit higher and achieve seemingly limitless goals.
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We here at webmarkets view several professional people that inspire us to go to greater levels of creativity and success. To us, these types of people are special, and their stories need to be shared.
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