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Link Reclamation

Websites frequently go through changes, which often break links on your website. Link Reclamation is the process of correcting these broken links. We find the broken links and fix them for you. It is important to run through and do Link Reclamation any time a major change is made to a page or the whole website.

How Does Link Reclamation Affect Website SEO?

We all know just how competitive search engine marketing can be. We know that every business has legions of competitors nipping at their heels just waiting for an opportunity to poach their customers. In the digital era, consumers are put squarely in the driver’s seat. With the tools at their disposal to gain instant access to the information they need to make consumer choices, it’s important to recognize that consumers these days can afford to be fickle.

That’s why SEO is such a big deal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The higher up businesses can appear on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) the easier it is for a company to make their mark on their potential customers. That’s why there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to bolstering your SEO efforts-- which brings up an often neglected aspect of link building- Link Reclamation.

Why Broken Links Should be Fixed

Broken links can hurt your rank on Google. Fixing the links on your site and websites linking to you will boost your rank back up. Having broken links is also a red flag to visitors on your site, a broken link will deter them to using your product or service.

Fixing broken links is a long process, we make it easy by finding where the broken links are, organizing them and then fixing them.

What is Link Reclamation?

SEO webmasters and small business owners are conditioned to fear and despise broken links. They are a black mark against your business in the eyes of search engine crawlers and can drastically reduce the SEO value of your content.

Unfortunately, over time as websites move pages and change URLs, broken links become an inevitability. Link Reclamation services can help businesses get that lost value back. Link reclamation is a complex process that involves consistent management, which is why most businesses choose to outsource it to safeguard their SEO without compromising their productivity.

How Do I Know I Need Link Reclamation?

Ideally, link reclamation projects should be carried out whenever changes to your site architecture are made which could have a knock-on effect on links. These include:

  • Whenever your website is redesigned
  • Whenever content is moved
  • Whenever URLs are changed

What About URL Redirects?

Many inexperienced business owners and web developers will set up 301 redirects to mitigate against broken links. 301 redirects are good, but reclaimed links are better for your SEO. Not all links are created equally in the eyes of search engine crawlers, and while a 301 redirect is much better than a broken link, it’s still way less effective than reclaiming the link and restoring its full value.

Think of your website as a boat. A broken link is like a leak that can cause your boat to start sinking in the waters of SEO. Link reclamation is like repairing the leak with sheet metal and a welding torch while redirects are more like fixing a leak with silly putty.

Link Reclamation and Link Building

Link reclamation and link building should be considered two sides of the same coin. If link reclamation isn’t incorporated into your existing link building services you may find your SEO taking a step back for every step it takes forward.

Working in tandem, the two bolster your SEO by capitalizing on the value of new links while gaining back the lost value from broken links.

How the webmarkets SEO Team Can Help

We have a variety of flexible link building services to suit enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Don’t let broken links sink your SEO a day longer. Contact webmarkets to help keep those leaks plugged and keep your business riding high on the SEO front.

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