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webmarkets is the Only
Silver Certified SharpSpring Partner in Idaho

webmarkets has added marketing automation to our suite of services offered to digital marketing clients. This is possible through our partnership with SharpSpring, Inc. webmarkets is the only Silver Certified SharpSpring Partner within Idaho. Schedule a demo with us to discover how SharpSpring’s automated marketing could help drive more leads to your business.

What is Marketing Automation and Why Should You Use It?

Marketing automation has been in existence for some time but has always been geared towards big business and thus has out-priced small to midsize businesses. Through webmarkets’ Silver Certified Partnership with SharpSpring, marketing automation is now affordable to all businesses since it can be scaled to fit.

According to SharpSpring, “Marketing automation refers to software platforms that help businesses automate their marketing and sales engagement processes to generate more leads, convert those leads to sales, and optimize ROI

The true value of marketing automation is in the amount of time and money it saves businesses. By implementing automated marketing for time-consuming and monotonous tasks such as sending drip emails, tracking website behavior, and determining the warmth of a lead, webmarkets can help businesses continue to target their teams’ energy where a personable touch matters most.

What is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring was founded in 1998 and since then has become the #1 fastest growing all-in-one marketing automation platform used by digital agencies. To date, they’ve helped over 10,000 businesses worldwide. SharpSpring’s success is based on its platform which allows users to implement marketing strategies relevant to consumer behaviors.

What Are the Features of Marketing Automation?

By pairing webmarkets’ strategy and experience with the following tools offered by SharpSpring, we can help streamline your businesses’ processes and generate more qualified leads:

Lead Scoring

We’ll work with you to configure automated lead scores for your potential clients based on fit and engagement rules. When a lead is designated as hot, we can make sure they are added to a sales opportunity pipeline or that an account manager is notified, in real-time, to take action. Utilizing lead scores helps your team prioritize and maximize time with leads.

Email Drip Campaigns

webmarkets can help build email campaigns that show dynamic content based on persona, trigger behavior-based workflows, and offer detailed analytics.

Behavior-Based Workflows

We can assist in designing time-saving automated workflows to help separate leads into strategic groups that receive the appropriate amount and type of communications based on their behaviors.

Dynamic Forms

When a field is already known about your lead, they won’t need to fill it out again when you use dynamic forms. Instead, webmarkets can create progressive forms to automatically ask the questions you don’t know to improve your knowledge about your leads and how to help them convert.


Defining and applying client personas to your leads can help predict behaviors, segment messaging, and gauge opportunities. We can show you how.

Target-Based Messaging

Timing is everything when it comes to sales. Target-based messaging helps you deliver the right message at the right time.

Opportunity Pipelines

From the moment your Sales Team receives a hot lead notification, they can be added and tracked along an opportunity pipeline. Representing each stage of your sales process, the opportunity pipeline offers a bird’s eye view of all your hot leads as they move throughout your cycle. It is a user-friendly drag and drop interface and is fully customizable.

Reporting & Analytics

We can generate custom reports to understand email campaign success, sales performance, pipeline value, opportunity health and more!

Real-Time Notifications

Your sales team can receive real-time notifications from leads when they are on your website and looking for assistance.

Much More

Discover the life of a lead (attribute their source), integrate with your CRM, and manage social media platforms and it assists in improving SEO too!

Why webmarkets?

Founded in 2011 on the basis of innovation, reliability, accountability, and transparency, webmarkets focuses on a unique blend of digital marketing strategies that leverage brand positioning, value propositions, and competitive advantages. We are the only Silver Certified SharpSpring Partner in Idaho. For more information about marketing automation and how it can benefit your business, schedule a demo with us.

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