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"The future of your company's marketing success relies on its mobile strategy, presence and the content it communicates to your buyers."

-Kris Lloyd, Founder of webmarkets

Are You Mobile Ready?

Mobile has now surpassed television as the #1 media consumed per person. Over 90% of Americans utilize mobile phones as their primary source of the Internet. Is your business taking advantage of the many assets mobile marketing provides?


iPad mobile devices have the highest conversion rates in the industry. This means more buyers buy on iPads.


Google My Business is the #1 most effective platform to manage your mobile SEO. 70% of consumers will call or visit your store within 48 hours after they find your business on mobile search.


The mobile industry is revolutionizing the way we advertise and connect with our target audience.

Mobile is #1

The average person checks their mobile phone over 150 times per day. 90% of all mobile phones access the Internet to purchase local products.

Mobile Search

At the end of 2014, mobile search volume surpassed desktop search volume. More consumers are now searching on their mobile devices more than ever.

Mobile Devices

As of JAN 2015, 80% of consumers use mobile smartphones to search online, while 47% search from mobile tablet devices.

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The Future of Online Content & Mobile Search

Google has changed the way you access content and the digital market. On April 21st, 2015, Google implemented mobile first changes to its search engine algorithm. Google continues to improve the end user experience for the population who search on their mobile phone. What does this mean? It means if your website is not mobile friendly, you will be penalized in mobile search engine rankings. Make sure your business website is on the right path to success. webmarkets specializes in online strategy and excels at excelling your business.