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Google Adwords PPC Management


Ads are common on Google, the first listings are usually advertisements for businesses. Every time the ad is clicked there is a fee for the business. Pay-per-Click is efficient for businesses because it allows them to bid for ad placements on certain keywords. A fee might seem like a bit much, but a visitor to your site quickly turns into a customer which is worth far more than the fee.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is easily the most popular Pay-per-Click advertising platform, used by millions of businesses. Google starts auctions based on certain keywords the business with the best fit for the search is inserted into the ad spots. Businesses also receive a quality score that is combined with their bid to determine how high they will rank on advertisements.

Keyword Research

Your keywords are the most important part of Google Adwords, it determines where your business comes up on searches. It needs to be relevant to your business, there are many keywords you may not think of on the first round. The most popular keywords are often difficult to get, we advertise on relevant keywords that will be applied to your business.

Pay-per-Click Campaigns

Campaigns are a way to lead potential customers to your business. Using PPC Campaigns we attract more customers to your site, of course managing your keywords and progress.

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