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How Do Online Reviews Effect Your Business?

Online reviews can positively or negatively impact your business. Potential buyers trust the non-bias opinions of others. Are you putting your best foot forward? Online reviews can separate buyers from browsers.

Review websites such as Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook, UrbanSpoon, Trip Advisor, Healthgrades, and more, are impacting your brand. Millions of consumers are talking about your business on these websites. Its how your online marketing team manages these online reviews that makes the difference.

How the Review Filter Works

The Review Filter manages your business's online reviews and provides the option to alert management of negative reviews. As a business, you want to generate positive reviews that impact your business, helping it grown. You also want to correctly manage those negative online reviews as soon as possible, when they happen.

The Review Filter Process:

Step 1: Direct your customers and prospects to your website, to the page your review filter is placed.

A) If the review is a negative review, 1 to 2 stars, the consumer will be prompted to enter their name, phone, email, and comment on their experience. This information is directly send to management.

B) If the review is a positive review, 3-5 stars, the consumer will be prompted to post their review online to the major review websites. Depending on online strategy, these review sites are Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook, Urbanspoon, healthgrades, etc. WebMarkets can integrate with most review sites when customization is needed.

This is a great tactic to generate positive reviews for your business and correctly manage any unhappy customers.

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Protect & Build Your Online Reputation

For better or worse, your digital reputation is in fact your actual reputation to most of the public, prospective employers, and clients. Every decision about you is going to be determined by a quick Google search, and you will not have a chance to explain yourself if you do not have a pristine online reputation. Even if you do not show up on Google, that just means your'e 10 times more vulnerable to have a damaged online reputation. With the large volumes of social media covering each and every aspect of public decision making, negative comments on the Internet can ruin your prosperity.

Build your online reputation today with WebMarkets

The answers: WebMarkets Internet Brand Management

(1) Manage your Internet reputation before you have a problem.

(2) Create social media accounts, blogs, and websites that create a positive image of yourself or company. The continual content and activity in these accounts will drop the negative content to the bottom of the list in search engine rankings.

(3) Differentiate yourself or company from those who have the same or similar names. When people search for you, they should see all of the terrific things that are true about you or your company. Own a webpage, blog, or social media accounts with your name or company name in the profile. The goal is to occupy positive listings on your search results.

(4) If someone attacks you or your company online, its best to ignore it. You only want to respond if the content is highly visible and false. Contact WebMarkets to conduct your Internet Brand Management.