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Worst Website Contest 2017

worst website contest boise portland

The Details

  • All websites are welcome, but need to be business related. It can be your website, your friends, family member's, coworker's, or just a website you have recently experienced.
  • Submit the website URL in the secure form. Once submitted, the website URL will be voted on by all members of the WebMarkets team.
  • No need to be shy or rude about it. We're not looking to laugh and shame others of their hard, out-dated work. We're here to help!
  • This is a contest to improve a business website, branding and identity.
  • The website with the most votes will receive a brand new website and a year's worth of hosting, design and management, on the house!
  • Winner will be selected December 31, 2017!

Nominee Form

worst website 2017 contest boise portland
worst website contest for boise and portland

Worst Website Contest of 2017

Do You Know of a Website That Needs Help? Have you seen a bad website recently? Submit the business website you deem as the worst website of 2017. Winner receives a brand new website design, marketing and management for an entire year!

worst website contest boise portland

How The Worst Website Contest Works

We see a lot of good...and bad websites out there. Some sites haven't been updated in years! Having a bad website doesn't mean a business is not successful, but it does have a negative impact on the brand of the business. Regardless of the scenario, we're here to help. To enter, just submit the business website in the form below.

  • Broken Links?We're here to help!

  • Bad Web Design?Help Them Improve

  • Not Mobile Ready?Well, lets get mobile first!

  • Poor Brand Messaging?Get Content Written by Marketing Experts

  • Have Cheesy Images?Submit Your Nomination!

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