Agency VS. Employee

Working with WebMarkets means transparency. reliability. success.

What Are The Business Implications of Each?


An Agency Has A Wide Variety of Skill Sets

Team Investment




Can Handle Multiple Objectives

No Sick Days

No Vacation

No Paid Time Off

Always Striving to Retain the Contract


Great, But Not Diversified for Business Objectives

Individual Investment

Limited Experience

Single Education

Narrow Expertise

Bandwidth is Limited to One Individual

Sick Days


Paid Time Off

Single Employee Complacency

Agency Model


Defined by the client based on goals. Set management costs plus advertising budgets. Selection based on experience and expertise.

Employee Model


Defined by the employer based on goals. Set cost, taxes, benefits, plus advertising budgets. Higher wages based on experience and expertise.

Marketing Agency vs Employee Cost



Set Costs for Brand Management - $1,200

Set Costs for Creative - $600

Advertising Costs - $2,000

Dedicated Support and Strategy

Team Effort



Employee Wages, Salary, Commission - $3,000

Taxes, Insurance, Benefits - $1,000

Training, Paid Time Off, Sick Days - $500

Advertising Costs - $2,000

Individual Effort

So Should You Go With An Agency?

The answer is yes!

Reach Target Clients


Execution & Expertise

Creative Branding & Web Design

Custom Growth Strategies

Reach Target Clients

Engage With Your Services

Convert Visitors to Buyers

  • Team of Experts
  • Proven Growth Strategies
  • Creative Design
  • Online Management

Reliability, Transparency, Execution, Expertise

There is an 80/20 rule in the marketing and web design industry. 80% of companies and contractors are completely unreliable and trustworthy. The other 20%, are goal oriented creative design firms who work hard and accomplish great results. Where does WebMarkets factor in? We're in the top 2% of the top 20%. Always striving for greatness.

Marketing Strategy, Execution, Experience

Not all marketing employees and agencies are the same. The differences between average and wildly successful, lie within what we call, the critical inch. This is the critical gap that accomplishes goals. This boils down to custom strategy, pinpoint execution, and the experience to envision all aspects from start to finish.

Creative Branding & Web Design

Creative branding and design professionals don't just fall from the trees. They are nurtured, educated and have the creativity genes in their blood. It is very difficult to find creative professionals who are as goal oriented, visually eclectic and driven to differentiate your brand, as the creative team is at WebMarkets.

SEO, Social Media Management & Advertising Distribution

Search Engines and Social Media platforms are huge potential traffic funnels to your website and online brand. The catch? There are thousands of mistakes you can make that only education, experience, and a distinct team can correct, in order to steer your online presence on the most profitable paths.

webmarkets Digital Marketing

Working with webmarkets means marketing strategy. means successful execution. is just better.

Tired of the same? So are we.

Go ahead, partner with the marketing experts.