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Mobile Users are Searching for Local Business - How to Beat the Competition

With mobile searching becoming bigger and bigger we have to find ways to optimize our SEO to adjust to this new trend. Let me show you 7 easy things you can do to beat out the competition. 

1. Web Business Listing

When it comes down to it there are only two listings you need to worry about: Google and Yelp. The other listings are gravy. When claiming your listing, be sure to use a local number and remember that Google likes its own properties. Including operating hours will ensure your listing shows up on mobile during the hours of your operation.

2. Schema Location and Ratings Markup

If you are using local tags, you can get Map Pack, Organic, or Product – but you need a schema to get category-level listings. Aggregate your own good reviews into your corporate site, so that you can balance anything that may be on an outside site, like Yelp.

3. Create a How-To video

While Google prefers YouTube formats overall, other "how-to" formats will show up locally if you add the schema markup. "Note that even if the video shows up on the desktop, it may not show up on mobile," she says.

4. Mobile Rush Hour Management

Many mobile searches result in a phone call. Be sure to have someone ready to take those phone calls.

5. Get Social

If you are not using Facebook, Yelp, And many of the other great social media outlets you are missing out on a great deal of customers! About 30% of Facebook users only use a mobile device to access it.

6. Connect Google Services

The benefit of doing this extra work is almost immediate for having a localized content rank. Connect your Google services first, and you are more likely to be able to verify via the Web or a phone call. This can save heartache later if you have a lot of remote locations. Use a combination of Google Webmaster Tools, Google+, and Google Analytics to ensure your results will satisfy all requirements.

7. Make Use of Mobile Menus

Make use of the mobile menu on your website design. If the customer is confused it will lose business for you. Use the menu strategically and go beyond the home or about but also include product, search, or chat options.

Remember when the customer is searching on their mobile device it is more than likely it is a local search.


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