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Google AdWords is the most popular online advertising platform. The Google Display Network (GDN) allows businesses to place ads on relevant 3rd party websites. We have listed five of the most commonly used sizes meant to generate the most traffic within the Google Advertising Display Network.
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Some business owners assume they can create and manage their own GMB listing. While it is relatively easy to create a listing, optimizing and managing the GMB listing to achieve optimal SEO success is a different story.
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Scammers often pretend they are calling from Google and claim how your Google listing in incorrect. However, this is just a pathetic attempt to coax business owners into paying bogus monthly fees. This incorrect Google listing scam is now widely recognized as the new marketing scam.
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If you're a business entrepreneur relying on a strong online presence to connect with customers, you're right to pay attention. It's undeniable that the SEO landscape is changing. For instance, Google is taking a hardline approach. Shady link-building tactics (think Rap Genius), poor quality content and bad design are just a few of the factors causing websites to get penalized. So what's worked for your business in the past may no longer work, and in fact, could actually hurt ...
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