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Jaydan Urwin, Coding Mastermind, Rises to Lead Web Developer at WebMarkets

webmarkets has a new Lead Web Developer

Boise, Idaho -webmarkets thrives on its creative team of experts. With that in mind, we're thrilled to announce that Jaydan Urwin has accepted a new position as Lead Web Developer. He's risen to this role after less than a year on the webmarkets team, a testament to his skills, leadership, and enthusiasm.

An Idaho native, Jaydan was first hired in March 2021 as a web developer. Hired for his passion for all things coding, he's continued to impress us with his creative thinking and natural curiosity, leading to his new role. An excellent problem solver, Jaydan has extensive experience in website development, mobile design, Jamstack, DNN website management, and more. He's put these talents to good use, leaning into his knowledge and skills to help us deliver top-notch digital marketing solutions to brands.

As a self-taught web developer, Jaydan quickly became a go-to resource for us here at webmarkets. A true lover of design and a coding mastermind, he approaches each new challenge with innovative problem-solving skills and a love of learning. In fact, his love of tech goes so deep he's taken it to YouTube and his own podcast, Jaydan & Laramie Talk Tech. In his time here at webmarkets, he's only deepened his knowledge and innate understanding of how web development supports brands in their digital marketing.

Jaydan wholeheartedly believes in the power of quality design in digital marketing and advertising. According to Jaydan, it's important to continue growing your website design and content to drive leads to an experience with your brand. 

With this philosophy in mind, Jaydan is well-positioned to help brands grow through high-quality web development. Here at webmarkets, we're known for our innovative digital marketing and advertising solutions. We're excited to see Jaydan help us reach our goals and support brands and business owners futhers in his new role. 

For more information, contact webmarkets at (208) 514-1634, or submit a contact form.

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