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It could be the difference between bland and unique.

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Tell A Story With Your Content

Storytelling is what makes content more compelling, especially for millennials. If you are targeting consumers 18-34, context that has a narrative rather than a bunch of selling points will resonate better. This can be in the form of real stories based on personal experiences or through the creation of fictional personas to present information in a way that can always relate.

The Power Of Professional Content

The Power Of Professional Content
Why Choose Content Marketing?

It could be the difference between bland and unique.

Successful content marketing today involves a combination of relevant text and equally meaningful images, videos, and links. Before you do anything, make sure you know who you want to be viewing, bookmarking, sharing, and clicking through your content and what that audience is likely to be looking for, especially when it comes to whatever it is you have to offer. As you plan your engagement strategy, take a moment to consider what you'll need to keep in mind to improve and maintain your online visibility.

When everything that's listed here is done correctly, Google will likely view your online content as being credible. Credibility to Google means producing content that's meaningful for your desired audience. Google determines what's "relevant" by taking a look at things like how often people are visiting your website, blog, and social media pages and what actions are being taken by those searchers. Odds are good that if you are keeping Google happy, you are also keeping your intended audience happy.

Why is text important?

Text content is key to user conversion. The goal with text content is to create enough words to satisfy Google yet also design these paragraphs in a way that is user friendly to read. When both of these objectives are accomplished, you are on your way to online success.

Why are images important?

Professional photography and graphic design truly do say 1,000 words. The higher the image quality, the higher the engagement to the ad and conversion from a visitor to a buyer. Professional photography and graphic design for your brand is always the correct solution.

Why are videos important?

Video is the most powerful content on the Internet today. That is, if the video is done right. Creating a visual story board and scripting an engaging story is vital to attracting the right customers, clients and patients. Want quality? Partner with a professional marketing team.

Get Ready to Make an Im Pact.

Successful Content Marketing

Pricing Plans

  • Create Relevant Text
  • Find The Right Link Balance
  • Make Wise Use Of Images And Videos

Any text you present online should be written with the user experience in mind. Focus on relevant content with value that provides solutions to common problems, offers advice, or provides useful information. Get even more out of your text by making it as easy to understand as possible with:

  • Short Concise paragraphs
  • Descriptive titles and subheads
  • Bullet and number lists to break up "walls of text"

Internal links within a site can effectively direct visitors to other useful content on other website pages. The purpose of external links is to drive traffic from other sources back to your site. Google considers those links as a sign of credibility and trust when they come from relevant and reliable sources. Contrary to popular belief, linking to like-minded sites is perfectly fine and even preferable since there's likely to a chain of relevant links to follow. As for the balance, there is no set rule other than the fact that you don't want to have too much of one and not enough of the other. The mix that works for you will depend on the results you're getting with traffic and conversions.

Visual content is 40-times more likely to be shared than text alone. Videos alone account for more than half of all online traffic. Regardless of what images and videos you plan to include in your content to take advantage of this trend, make sure it's relevant to your brand or providing some type of value. Optimize your images and videos for SEO with captions and titles that include keywords where it makes sense to use them; meaning don't make your captions awkward just to fit in a keyword. Also choose quality images and that aren't blurry or low in resolution. Videos should consistently play straight through and not appear jumpy.

Have A Content Distribution Plan.

Have A Content Distribution Plan.

A steady stream of content is needed to maintain interest and attract the attention of new leads, followers, and customers. Yet there are certain times of day when your intended audience is likely to be more active online. For instance, certain searchers are more active in the evenings and on weekends while others are more likely to be browsing during their lunch hour. There are plenty of content scheduling tools you can use to distribute your content when it makes sense to do so by tracking your traffic patterns and activity levels. Scheduling of content can include everything from when emails are sent to when social media posts and distributed right down to specific platforms.

Content Scheduling Tools