Millions of potential customers, patients, and consumers conduct a significant amount of research online before a purchase. Regardless of the purchase amount, these consumers are researching how others are affected by your products and services. With multiple review websites available in the online world today, its become difficult to manage multiple websites to generate online reviews that impact your business. This brings the question: how are you managing your online perception?

Positive Reviews Are Powerful

Online reviews can positively or negatively impact your business. Potential buyers trust the non-bias opinions of others. Are you putting your best foot forward? Online reviews can separate buyers from browsers. Review websites such as Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook, UrbanSpoon, Trip Advisor, Healthgrades, and more, are impacting your brand. Millions of consumers are talking about your business on these websites. Its how your online marketing team manages these online reviews that makes the difference.

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Manage Your Online Reviews and Online Reputation

  • Positive reviews help benefit your SEO.
  • Consumers are more likely to choose your business if you have considerably more positive reviews than a competitor.
  • With a history of long reviews, you prove the quality of your brand is consistent.
  • Customers love recent reviews. If another customer recently shared a good experience, there is a good chance they will too. Recent reviews also help to show active signs of life and that your business is relevant.
  • Positive reviews are a testament to the quality of care you have for your current clients.
  • A business that listens, and actively responds to online reviews knows what they do well, and are made aware of areas for growth. If they are flexible in adapting to requests, they have the opportunity to better fill a niche that is underserved and has the potential to be more profitable.

Managing Online Reviews Can Be Easy

The fragmentation of websites allowing customer feedback such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Healthgrades, UrbanSpoon, can make for a complex reputation management routine. It's a time-consuming and arduous task to sign in to all of the various platforms, keep up with the review notifications that may go to your junk mail, and remember all of your passwords. This is why it is understandable when business owners feel this method of responding to online reviews is too daunting and may try to ignore it altogether. However, this is a huge disservice to a brand.

If this sounds familiar, you’ll be relieved to know there is a more efficient solution. Leave the frustration and let webmarkets guide you to a more successful model for managing online reviews.

A Single Dashboard to Manage Many Review Sites

webmarkets offers review management for a low monthly fee that includes access to a single online platform where you can: Field negative reviews by communicating with an unhappy customer before they post a review.

Positive Reviews Are Powerful
  • Request reviews from customers you know had a great experience.
  • Respond and manage all of your reviews from one dashboard.
  • Request reviews at the point of sale, via text & email.
  • Set review alerts.
  • Create Review/Response Reports.
  • Set Review Goals.
  • Internally track which member of your team is generating the most reviews.
  • Create one-touch template responses.
  • Ensure your customers come back.

We Also Advise on Reputation and Review Management Strategy Including:

  • How to motivate satisfied customers to leave glowing reviews.
  • Why reviews increase consumer confidence.
  • The key time to request a review.
  • How to respond to negative reviews (Angry customers are more likely to leave reviews).
  • How to efficiently monitor and manage your reputation on the sites where people make informed business decisions.
  • Why you need to quickly and professionally respond to negative reviews and how to do it best since not responding can be costly to your business’ reputation.
  • How to turn unsatisfied customers into your biggest advocates.