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Blockchain is currently the hottest technology in Silicon Valley and around the globe. As blockchain development grows in popularity, competition in the space increases. To stand out from the crowd, a blockchain firm must effectively brand their online presence. WebMarkets is a marketing firm with expertise in helping blockchain companies raise brand awareness, influence purchasing behavior and drive sales via website design, SEO, social media presence, content and branding.

Blockchain SEO Brand Management

Every blockchain organization relies on unique and recognizable branding to power their popularity. Branding is what brings all other marketing services together. A great logo, an appropriate color scheme and a unique brand voice have helped many blockchain projects pave the road to success. WebMarkets uses branding in all their marketing and advertising services to ensure every aspect of a project is recognizable and fits together as a whole.

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As more blockchain companies are formed, finding the right company via Google search is becoming increasingly complicated. To reach more potential customers, a blockchain site needs to be expertly crafted with SEO in mind. WebMarkets has a team of SEO professionals who know all the ins and outs of optimizing blockchain websites, from healthcare to cryptocurrency to cybersecurity.

The website design for a blockchain project needs to be tailored to the project’s purpose. A blockchain project focused on healthcare should project a professional, yet comforting feel; however, a cryptocurrency blockchain project’s website should invoke design aspects reminiscent of Wall Street. The expert team at WebMarkets can evaluate any blockchain project or service offering to determine the most appropriate design scheme that will connect with customers.

Increasingly, blockchain companies are turning to social media to market their projects. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became popular in part due to the extensive Reddit communities surrounding them. Most cryptocurrencies and other blockchain projects create dedicated Reddit communities to help users connect with each other and learn about the projects. Another increasingly popular social media site used to promote blockchain projects is Telegraph. A chatroom similar to Slack, Telegraph lets users interact with each other and project representatives to discuss the project. To get out news as quickly as possible, blockchain sites reach users via Twitter. Of course, there are also huge blockchain marketing segments across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. While most people are familiar with the basics of using social media, it takes an expert to fully utilize social media for product pages.

Blockchain Content Creation

SEO Content is King

What will the WebMarkets social media expert be sharing on the project’s pages? Original content, of course. Content is still king in the marketing and advertising world, and blockchain projects are no exception to this rule. Users expect to see clear, thoughtful content to help them learn about a new project. In the world of marketing, content creation goes hand in hand with SEO, social media management and branding. To learn more about how to propel a blockchain project to success, contact the experts at WebMarkets.

Cryptocurrency Marketing

In relation to blockchain marketing is cryptocurrency marketing. A cryptocurrency can endure its own challenges when communicating value to the industries and consumers of the world. Webmarkets helps to identify competitive advantages and use cases of specific cryptocurrencies in their own right.

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