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Website Analytics, Reporting & Tracking by WebMarkets

Track Internet Success: WebMarkets monthly website traffic reporting tools help you track internet marketing strategies and measure return on investment. At $50 per month, the information you receive about your website is valued as gold. Ask about these monthly website traffic reporting tools and how they will help you engage your internet marketing strategies.

Website Traffic Analytics: The Road Map to Online Success 

WebReports is a monthly website traffic tracking system that provides your website with a compass to success. WebReports is included in every single monthly service we provide and as an a la carte service to help track your website's success. 

When you know what the public search for, you need to be present to be selected. What does this mean? When someone Googles for keywords, they are looking for a website to fill their need. A need to reference, contact, or buy from a website that is located on the 1st page or top ten of organic search listings. WebMarkets delivers monthly website traffic reporting to help identify your website's internet marketing needs. Monthly web analytic tracking helps you clearly define and follow a path for website success. 

What Does WebMarkets Track on a Monthly Basis?

  • Keyword Page Rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo!. 
  • Volume of Searched Keywords Relative to your Business and Website 
  • Keyword Counts, Opportunities, and Research 
  • Traffic Sources 
  • Most Visited Content Page Views by Location, Link Source, and Web Browser
  • Total Visitors and Unique Visitors to your Website 
  • Internal and External Links 
  • Social Media Activity 
  • Overall Internet Marketing Roadmap 
  • Understanding Internet Traffic Analytics 

Internet Marketing Analytics are the lifeblood of Internet Marketing. These are the necessary topics to measure future growth and online success:

  • Traffic Sources 
  • Keyword Searched Terms 
  • Most Visited Content 
  • Top Landing Pages 
  • Geographic Overlay 
  • Total Visits 
  • Unique Visits 
  • Pageviews 
  • Pageviews per Visit Avg. 
  • Time on Site 
  • Bounce Rate 
  • History of Use 
  • Mobile Device Useage
Internet Marketing Research is used to develop online marketing strategies appealing to focused target markets. While using these tools, your website will display previously unknown visitor trends & patterns.

The use of these website traffic reporting tools have been proven effective to identify the correct search engine optimization strategies for your website. For more information about these reporting tools, contact WebMarkets or call (208) 514-1634 and ask how website traffic reporting can benefit your website and overall bottom line. 


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