New Website Checklist

When launching a new website or managing your existing website, we have found that many website lack the foundations to be launched correctly. So, the minds at webmarkets have assembled a new website checklist guide for others to utilize as a resource to correctly launch and manage your website.

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Website Visitors

Step 1: Consider the Behavior of Your Target Audience Before You Build

As a digital marketing company, we believe that our clients deserve to be kept in the loop so that they can see the results in which they’ve invested. Clients will often reach out to us to help them better understand their Google Analytics. With this in mind, we’ve prepared this guide to understanding your analytics to spot yearly trends and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Where Will Your Visitors Come From?

With Google Analytics you can find out more about your audience. You can see the demographics of your visitors, what devices they’re accessing your website through and how they’re engaging with your content.

What Content Will Your Website Visitors Read?

Websites often lose track of current trends and search engines praise websites that are constantly releasing new content. If you aren't posting on your website, it's dying. Blogs allow for new articles of content and maintaining visitor retention.


Website Design

Step 2: Research the Perception and Preferences of Your Target Audience

  • Unique Website Design

    Website Design & Development is the creation or remodeling of a website and obtaining a well known presence within Internet. Sounds easy, but how can we create success online? The main focus of using Internet Marketing is to find success on the internet by increasing web traffic, community awareness, brand loyalty, creating a beautiful design, and the end user's potential to buy. webmarkets has the ability to drive traffic to your website with its content management system, web traffic reporting and intuitive internet marketing techniques.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Mobile has now surpassed television as the #1 media consumed per person. Over 90% of Americans utilize mobile phones as their primary source of the Internet. Is your business taking advantage of the many assets mobile marketing provides?

  • Website Management

    At webmarkets, we specialize in the DNN content management system. As the preferred website CMS platform for end users and developers, we are confident that DNN is the platform for your business.

  • What is Your Brand

    If you don't know your brand identity, you better figure that out. When defined correctly, brand messaging can be a wildly effective and profitable tool. A company should be passionate about their brand and should have the right amount of competitiveness in order to seize hold of their choice industry. By being unique (having a perk, "a look", a catch, etc.), and appealing to the particular audience's style and demand, smart businesses and organizations can hold power over less attractive and memorable company's, creating a winning brand.

    Web Design

Research the Website Design and Brand For a New Website

Website Technology

Step 3: Build with Website Tech that is Robust

DNN Website Software and Website Hosting

A good website software can be your best friend, or worst enemy. Make sure you do your own research on what system fits your capabilities. From rookie to advanced, there are website content management systems that can accelerate your coding or drag you down to the world of out-dated. webmarkets has partnered with multiple website content management systems, but prefers DNN software and DNN hosting companies to ensure the highest quality service, design capabilities, website speed, SEO strategies, and so on. Make sure your website software and hosting plan includes:

  • User Friendly CMS Software
  • A CMS Software Built for Developer Skills and Speed
  • Access to plain HTML
  • Fast Loading Speeds
  • Proactive Software Updates
  • Multiple Server Redundancies & Backups
  • 99.9% Uptime & Reliability
  • Tier 1 Software Tech Support
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Ultimate Website Hosting Security Points
  • SSL & HTTPS Certificates
  • Full Access to On page SEO
  • A Mobile First Methodology
  • Multiple User Access & User Logs
  • A Great Network for 3rd Party Modules, Functions, and Plugins

Search Engine Optimization

Inclue SEO Strategies & Tactics

Internal & External Link Building

Links to your website from others are incredibly important as a foundational pillar of your SEO Management. To Google, these links are like a personal recommendation that your site is trustworthy and authoritative. The more authority behind the recommendation, the more credence Google gives it. Even if the content on your site is worthy of these endorsements, it is not always a given that you will receive them. That is why link building is an essential piece of your SEO strategy.

SEO Pie Chart

On-Page SEO

For each page, implement the necessary diligence to input the correct meta information. This includes a meta title, meta description, headers and a schema to say the least. Google crawls each page like a book, and the right on page optimization keyword synergy and character length will go a long ways to improve your rankings.

Local SEO

Include local geo-tags (city names) on your website and external citation links.

Google advertising and retargeting in Boise and Portland

Google Advertising

Using paid search marketing features such as PPC solutions allows you to effectively reach your intended audience on any budget, at any time. By utilizing Google Search Advertising, any business can quickly place their ads in front of their ideal target client, customer or patient.

If you choose to use a paid traffic or media strategy, be sure to build a landing page designed specifically for this paid strategy. Don't fall for the simple home page landing destination. Build something from a paid medium that is built to convert that niche traffic.

Develop Unique Website Content

Unique content is content that is only found on your website. Regardless of age generation and buying behaviors, storytelling and flow is what enables content to be compelling. But its how you communicate your text and image content that will equate to increased conversions, leads and sales. If you are targeting consumers 18-34, context that has a narrative rather than a bunch of selling points will resonate better. This can be in the form of real stories based on personal experiences or through the creation of fictional personas to present information in a way that can always relate.

"We have developed and managed hundreds of digital marketing plans for a variety of clients in a variety of industries. The clients that are ultra successful all have one thing in common. With our guidance, we develop text, image and video content that is a resource for their target audience."

-Kris Lloyd, Founder, webmarkets

SEO Plans

Website Image Assets

New Website Checklist Images

Don't Ever Cut Corners on Website Images

Importance of Images

Professional photography and graphic design truly do say 1,000 words. The higher the image quality, the higher the engagement to the ad and conversion from a visitor to a buyer. Professional photography and graphic design for your brand is always the correct solution.

High Quality Images

If you are using images on your site, they need to be appealing to the eye. Blurry and pixelated images will only annoy visitors to your site. Clean and clear images will entice visitors down the page.

The Use of Alt Tags

When uploading and coding images on your site, make sure to use alt tags. Without documenting an alt tag per image, the Googlebot will not identify this image as any important or value to your website. In our world, this is an easy opportunity lost.

Social Media

Integrate Social Media

Simple links and icons on your website, pointing to your social media channels is...ok. But how can you make it great? Each social platform allows for unique social plugins to be added toyour website, enhancing the end user experience and further integrating your client, customer, patient orprospect with your brand. Besides user engagement, the silver lining comes with additional Social Mediasignals that can increase your website SEO.

  • Facebook

    Facebook is a PR marketer's dream. With over 2.3 billion worldwide consumers andbusiness pros alike spending hours on this social media site, businesses are flocking to create theirown Facebook business profile to engage the masses. The result of Facebook business page marketing iscreating an extremely strong, loyal, and equitable brand for your company's products and services.

    Look into Facebook socialplugins for developers to gain insights on how tomaximize your website.

  • Twitter

    Just like with anything else, to successfully create a social media presence foryourself, your company, or your products, you must put in time and effort. Social media marketing isnot a part time or do when you have the time job. It is a full time responsibility that only paysdividends when dedicated people apply their social media marketing knowledge and consistent efforts tomake it a success. Twitter creates an online affinity and has evolved to become an incredible newsfeed for a large segment of the population. These are people who have shown an interest in you, yourproducts, services, or industry and would like to hear more about you.

    Look into Twitter developertools to gain insights on how to maximize yourwebsite.

  • Instagram

    If you have a young(er) target audience, then chances are they use Instagram.Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows individuals to tell their stories via imagesand videos. Businesses also tell their stories on instagram, which can attract a loyal audience to aperson, brand, product or service. Instagram allows for businesses to use five different kinds of ads,making their product interactive. Find out if Instagram Business is best foryou.

    Look into Instagramdeveloper tools to gain insights on how to maximize certainplugins for your website.

  • Other Platforms

    Social Media Marketing is everywhere. It is now the primary strategy thatcompanies utilize to create a strong online and offline brand and reliable reputation for theirproducts and services. Social media marketing costs 62% less per lead that traditional marketing, hashigher conversion rates, provides valuable data, and gives your current and potential customers theopportunity to engage and communicate back to you.

Managing Social Media Accounts

From a business perspective, social media marketing should be catered to needs oftour target demographic. Do you want to access new customers according to targeted demographics? Do youwant to brand your business in a unique way? Want to develop loyal and lifelong relationships with yourclients, customers and/or patients? Well, we have develop a four prong communication & funnel strategyto foster new relationships, leads and sales from those who are wanting to purchase products and serviceslike yours. Contact webmarkets for a social media strategy demo.

Website Analytics

And We're Back, Full Circle

Tracking Website Visitor Traffic

After your website is launched, its time to dive even deeper into Google Analytics.

At webmarkets we are fully certified Google Partners, with ample expertise in monitoring and reporting web traffic, eCommerce tracking and advertising performance. With these amazing tools provided by Google, we can track where people are clicking, how they move through your website, and how they got there. This is a means to advertising smarter and developing a model to attract inbound traffic that has a higher rate of new prospect or client conversion.

Consistent Reporting, Interpretation & Insights

Now you may be asking, what does all of this data mean? Honestly, it’s just about everything you could ever want to know about your marketing, target audience and behaviors of each. We cover a plethora of information in website traffic reporting, including:

  • Keyword Page Rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo!
  • Volume of Searched Keywords Relative to your Business and Website
  • Keyword Counts, Opportunities, and Research
  • Most Visited Content Page Views by Location, Link Source, and Web Browser
  • Total Visitors and Unique Visitors to your Website
  • Social Media Activity
  • Advertising Performance
  • Advertising Insights and Data
  • Conversion Insights and Data
  • And the list keeps going, and going, and going. More analytics are always available upon request

"The trick is to partner with those who are educated and experienced enough to analyze this data and extract the insights relevant to successfully manage marketing campaigns geared for future growth."

-Kris Lloyd, Founder, webmarkets

Website Recovery

Have you ever experienced losing an important document and having to restart the entire process? Well webmarkets creates backups so you never have to worry about losing your website or any of its assets.

Google Compliance

Before you go live you want to make sure that you are Google Compliant. This means edited, 'non-spammy' content; titles and headings that match your content and behind the screens, data that Google can read. Hint: Go to your web page, or any web page and hold "Ctrl U" from a windows pc. This will bring up the page's source code that the Googlebot crawls.

Final Checklist

  • Mobile Responsive

    Is your website mobile responsive? Can your users navigate it with ease? The look of your site on tablets and phones is critical for online success.

  • SEO

    Are you appearing in Google's ranks? Maybe you are a bit further behind than you want, we can boost your rank.

  • Website Design

    Does your site look unique? Of course it needs to be attractive as well. webmarkets has unique designs built for your brand.

  • Content

    Have you checked for errors throughout your content or if it matches with the subject of your page? Content is a large part of how you rank.

  • Website Forms Delivering to an Email?

    Always run a few tests to make sure that if someone contacts you from your website, you receive the message.

  • Connected to Google Analytics?

    We have spoke about this until we are blue in the face already. Do it!

  • Indexed a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

    Google Webmaster Tools is the bridge to effectively indexing in Google search engine library. Once this is complete, your're good to go. Now on to website management.

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