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The Top Performing Google Ads Sizes for 2019 (According to Google)

Google AdWords is the most popular online advertising platform. It lets businesses bid for certain keywords and allows them to place ads on top of Google search results. Here are 5 of the most commonly used sizes for Google AdWords.

Commonly Used AdWords Display Ad Sizes

  • 320 x 100 - Small Screens
  • 300 x 250 - Small Rectangle
  • 300 x 600 - Large Vertical Banner
  • 336 x 180 - Medium Rectangle
  • 728 x 90 - Thin Banner

- Small Screen - 320 x 100

- Small Rectangle - 300 x 250

- Large Vertical Banner - 300 x 600

- Medium Rectangle - 336 x 180

- Thin Banner - 728 x 90

Creating Ads for AdWords Display Ads

Display ads are often used to attract attention of a person through an appealing design. They can be a bit complex to understand, but with the right resources anyone can create appealing ads that are attractive.

1. Display Ads Vs. Search Ads

Search ads are helpful for businesses who may want to get their names at the top of the search list, but display ads attract attention through images, text, colors and a variety of other elements. Display ads are clicked less often than search ads, but display ads show the visual brand of a company which can leave an imprint in the mind of a potential customer. People associate certain colors, fonts and images with a brand, when they see the ad again it may trigger them to remember your brand specifically.

Display ads push people to your website and eventually to become a customer. To ensure that they are converted to customers display ads need to have an appealing look, and stay in the back of a visitor's mind. They are more likely to click on your ad if they look great and lead them to a great looking website. They may even remember your ad and look for your company later on.

2. Google AdWords Display Ad Restrictions

Display ads of course have certain restrictions in place for advertisers to follow. It's important to know and follow the rules accordingly so your ads can be accepted without going through a handful of revisions.

Ads cannot have a white background without a border, this prevents ads from being visually striking and blending into the light backgrounds they sit on. Most websites or galleries have a max file size limit, this is also true for Google Adwords. Display ads need to be under the size of 150KB in order to be eligible for ad placement.

Following these rules will ensure your ads are safe from being rejected. Your ads should include a border or a colored backround, be under the max file size limit and follow certain text size rules. Most sites don't want text to take up your whole ad, there is a limit to text and logos taking up to 20% of the ad space itself.

3. Appealing Ad Design

As mentioned earlier, ads should look good as well as serve a purpose, which is to direct attention to your ad and make it memorable. Your ad should look good all while following the restrictions set in place by Google.


Your ad needs to have a message behind it, while text isn't the most important part of your ad a catchy title that goes with the rest of your ad will be sure to attract some attention.


Colors can be hard to get right, you don't want them to be too bright and striking, but you don't want them to be dark and gloomy. Your colors should go well with your logo, and shouldn't contrast with the logo or text. At the least your ad's main colors should be or be similar to your website so that you don't lead your visitor to a different atmosphere and confuse them. Ways to create a great palette would be to use some colors of your logo in colors of your main ad.

Call to Action or Button

While ads don't have an actual 'button' to click on, you want to give a viewer incentive to click on your ad by placing a familiar element. A button with simple "Learn More" or "Visit Now" text can do a lot to encourage viewers to click on your ad. When creating images or graphics for use in your ad, becareful it doesn't take up a majority of the space and clutter the ad. When designing visual ads, you don't want it to be jarring.


The best way to get a viewer to click on your ad is to appeal to them using emotion. Viewers who have an emotional connection to a brand or ad are more likely to remember it. You want to convey the emotions that your product or service gives off, such as a happy customer.


Selecting a layout of your ad is important for how you want to convey it. Layouts should be clear and not trying to push elements into a viewer's face. In this case simple works. Don't place an essay on your ad, as too much text on a display ad is bad for both the design and Google to put out. Make a quick, but interesting statement to sum up your business, it can even be a quote from a happy customer or the owner of the business.

By following these guidelines you'll be close to creating your own ad in no time.

Almost Ready to Go

The last step to creating your own ad is to try it out. A field test would be a great idea before jumping straight into AdWords. Just remember to try it on a couple of different backgrounds and see how well it does against contrasting elements.

Google Display Ad Sizes Conclusion

Now that we've gone through what makes a display ad great and how to develop them on different screen sizes you can create your own ads for business.

For more tips and information on online marketing take a deeper look into our blogs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact WebMarkets.

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