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Setting Up Your Email Client on Outlook, iPhone and iPad

WebMarkets | 08 Dec, 2015 | email setup | Return|

Email Configuration

View these instructions to confugure your email to multiple email clients, such as outlook, iPhone and iPad from WebMail email services.

Here are the settings you should use for outlook and the Iphone.

Incoming Mail Server

  • Incoming mail Server: mail.theirdomain.com
  • Incoming mail server port IMAP: 143
  • Incoming mail server Username: Full email Address

Outgoining Mail Server

  • Outgoing SMTP Server: mail.theirdomain.com
  • Outgoing SMTP Server Port: Port 366
  • Outgoing SMTP Server Username: Full Email Address

In the outgoing server tab, please ensure "My Outgoing server requires authentication" is checked. SSL should be unchecked.

If you have additional questions, contact webmarkets support.

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