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The Fight Against LinkSPAM

Referrer Spam is Becoming a Problem

If you’re not familiar with referrer spam, it’s traffic from bots that impersonate a referral link. The pseudo traffic is designed to populate link referrals within your Google Analytics data. These bots have two objectives: 1-Gain a reciprocal link, strengthening the SPAM sites SEO 2-cause the webmaster to visit the its website.

Why is Referrer Spam Such a Problem?

Aside from clogging up your website analytics, traffic reports, and minimizing SPAM or junk web traffic with useless data. Google has been strengthening to 3rd party strength of a link for years. Exterminating or redirecting LinkSPAM would be a great way to enhance the organic value and credibility of Google.

The Solution: link_cleanse - A Guide to Link Cleansing

While the web continues to grow at an infinite looking pace, the need arises for a credible referral link traffic. By conducting a link_cleanse, you redirect referrer link SPAM and avoid including it in your company's data. The data collected is more accurate and beneficial to the company's long term business growth plans.  

Link Cleansing Tips

Disavow backlinks

Straight from Google: "PageRank is Google’s opinion of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other sites. (PageRank is an important signal, but it’s one of more than 200 that we use to determine relevancy.) In general, a link from a site is regarded as a vote for the quality of your site."

"Google works very hard to make sure that actions on third-party sites do not negatively affect a website. In some circumstances, incoming links can affect Google’s opinion of a page or site. For example, you or a search engine optimizer (SEO) you’ve hired may have built bad links to your site via paid links or other link schemes that violate our quality guidelines. First and foremost, we recommend that you remove as many spammy or low-quality links from the web as possible."

Source: Google Disavow Links

Update Google Analytics

Under the correct Google Analytics profile, select Admin -> Filters under account information. Note, only users with admin status can add filters.

Admin will need to setup new filters. 1st, add a filter name. 2nd select custom. Under filter field, select campaign source.

Under the filter pattern, utilize the following Regex code:



These are excellent sources to block SPAM referral link traffic. For your SEO services, contact webmarkets SEO Dept

Organic SEO Management

On average, SEO generates the highest conversion ratios of all traffic sources. When implemented correctly, SEO enables high rankings on major search engines, while also generating high quality leads to your business.


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