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Advertising in the Digital Age

Advertising spending is only growing, and businesses – even small ones – need to advertise in order to stand out and reach potential customers.

The Manifest recently conducted a survey on small business advertising and found that nearly all small businesses advertise (87 percent).

If your business is one of the 13 percent that does not advertise, you may need to reconsider a new advertising and or rebranding strategy.

Digital Advertising Mediums Help Businesses Reach Consumers

In 2019, it seems that everyone is either browsing social media or browsing the internet, so it makes sense that digital mediums are the most popular for small businesses – 64 percent advertise on social media, and 49 percent advertise on online mediums such as Google search, banner ads, and video ads.

small business advertising mediums

Digital advertising works because businesses can target consumers based on demographics such as age, location, and gender. This makes it easy to reach only those consumers who are likely to be customers; with traditional advertising, such as TV, you cannot pick exactly whom to advertise to – you reach everyone who watches a certain show, reads a certain magazine, or listens to a certain radio station.

With digital advertising, you can be specific with the people your advertisements reach.

However, this doesn’t mean that businesses should ignore traditional advertising altogether.

Traditional Advertising Mediums Are Trustworthy

Many businesses focus their advertising strategies solely on digital mediums, but more than half of small businesses still value traditional advertising.

In fact, 57 percent of small businesses use traditional advertising.

percentage of small business traditional advertising

Print, TV, radio, and out-of-home advertising reaches consumers on the rare moments they’re not on social media or online – such as on their commute (radio, out-of-home), watching their favorite show (TV), or flipping through an interesting magazine (print).

In addition, because traditional advertising has been around for much longer than digital advertising, consumers tend to trust traditional mediums more. Odds are, if consumers see that a business has put in time and money to invest in TV advertising, they are more likely to trust the business than if they saw an advertisement for the same company on Google.

A small business should invest in a combination of both digital and traditional mediums to create the strongest advertising strategy possible.

Advertising Is Important for Businesses of All Sizes

Consumers are exposed to countless brands every single day. How can you expect your brand to compete if you don’t advertise?

Advertising is important for small businesses, and using an advertising agency like Jacob Tyler makes creating an advertising strategy easy.

It’s essential for businesses to advertise in order to reach the correct consumers and effectively communicate a strategic brand message.

Innovating Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategies

Digital Marketing & SEO is the pillar of business success. Our team of experts always does their due diligence and conducts preliminary market research on your company and industry before creating your unique marketing plan. Social Media Marketing is how companies create a strong online brand and reliable reputation for their products and services online.


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