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5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SSL

WebMarkets | 16 Mar, 2016 | SSL | Website Design, SEO | Return|

Better Branding

There are scores of less reliable sites on the internet; customers need a way to tell the legitimate from the less so. An SSL is one of the ways that customers and website traffic can tell your site is legit. In addition, it shows that you care enough about your market to protect valuable information like credit card numbers. Failing to provide this essential layer of protection reflects poorly on you.

More Sales

Customers are more likely to buy from a website offering SSL protocols than one without. In addition, these customers are more likely to come back. In an age where identity theft is commonplace, people are rightfully concerned about the privacy of their information online. Many people will check for SSL badges and leave a site immediately if it is lacking. Even if you are not selling anything, this protocol is essential for retaining traffic longer than first glance.

Protect Yourself

Whether you are giving out coupons to repeat customers or simply modifying your website, there is a good chance that you personally will benefit from the added security of an SSL certificate. You deserve to have your information kept private. Without an SSL, even your webmaster log-in information may someday fall into the wrong hands.

Credit Cards Insist

If you ever plan to accept major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, an SSL is mandatory. The Payment Card Industry, which dictates the rules of using and accepting credit cards, insists that all companies charging major credit cards have an SSL certificate from a source that uses the right type of encryption. SSL certification is mandatory to accepting the most common forms of online payment.

Boost SEO Rank

An SSL site should be an aspect of your SEO strategy. Google is making site security an increasingly important factor in its algorithm and ranking system. If you want to show up in the first several pages of organic results for any search, SSL certification is mandatory. Google is expected to continue making security a priority in rank in the future. If you neglect this factor, you may find your ranking taking a plunge in the very near future.

There are many reasons that your website needs an SSL and almost no arguments against using this protocol. SSL certification has become the gold standard for internet information protection, offering cheap and effective protection for both websites and the people who visit them. Once a nice but optional feature, this protocol is now an essential part of running a website. SSL is expected to become even more crucial to your website's success in the future, so there is no reason to delay this important security measure.

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