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The How To Guide For DIY SEO

WebMarkets | 26 May, 2016 | SEO | Return|

What is N.A.P Consistency?

NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE… that’s it. Remember that for one of the best ways to DIY SEO. As we will talk about the importance of being in online directories; it is more important that your information is consistent across the entire Internet spectrum. This includes the spelling of your business name. Example: If your company is listed under Google as “RooftopsES” and is written as “RoofTops Energy Solutions” on HomeAdvisor, your company will show up as inconsistent. So, remember N.A.P and consistency.

67% of search results are affected by the location of the person searching.

Mention the areas you serve on your website… Leave out the areas you don’t. Stay focused on the areas you really want.


Keep your finger on your web presence pulse

There are numerous online directories. Claiming as many as you can is good practice. Make sure your information is consistent and accurate across all platforms (this includes keeping it updated). This will probably instigate some solicitation from the various directories for “upgraded services”. For example, Yelp will call to offer a better package with more visibility; they will throw out some impressive stats, and they are trying to sell you. Remember, although advertising is good, wasting money on directories is easy to do. Listing on these sites is almost always free. We always recommend hiring a marketing company to handle your online presence and utilize them as a consultant for this. They have made it their career to know your target market. For a list of directories, please refer to the link on the bottom of this page.

Keyword Targeting.

It is important that your website contains keywords that your customers will be searching for. For example: Let’s say you are an online marketing company, located in Boise, ID. You will want to include the words “online marketing Boise” throughout your website. This doesn’t mean that articles should be the same; in-fact redundant content is not good… but place it in different blogs, on posts and in the keyword section. Without the proper keywords on your website, your customers won’t find you when searching for Google.


Content is… KING!

Unique content that is. 68% of consumers spend time reading about brands that interest them.

Great SEO Ideas:

  • Perform a N.A.P Audit. Go to Moz local to compare your listings for free.
  • Is Your Website Mobile Ready? Go check your website on a phone or tablet. Do you have to zoom in to see it? Does it look exactly like your page pulled up on a desktop? If so, your site is probably not mobile ready. Contact your web developer or give webmarkets a call for a free audit.
  • Encourage Reviews. Reviews are awesome, not only for your business, but also for your SEO. Ask your customers if they were pleased with your service to please review your business. FYI Google+ Ranks the highest, however Facebook, Yelp etc. all are great!
  • Write Blogs and Create New Pages to Reflect Your Pages. Google Loves Relevancy. Google tends to display pages it thinks will be relevant to what people are searching for. There for having more unique relevant pages helps you rank higher in Google’s eyes.
  • Talk to a professional team. A true web company will know how to help your business online. There are many people who call themselves a “web developer” and let’s face it, anyone with an Internet connection and a computer can be a web developer. However, all are not created equal. Choose a web company who practices what they preach. Do they show up in searches? Do they have blog articles? Social Media Presence? Reviews? If they say they can deliver any of the previous yet don’t have anything to back that, then maybe they aren’t the best fit.

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