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Three Common SEO Mistakes, Explained

WebMarkets | 23 Jan, 2020 | SEO | SEO, Brand Strategy | Return|

Most casual followers neglect technical SEO, but you will have to pay more attention if you want to increase your chances of ranking higher.

In this article, we will cover the most common mistakes that are hurting your rankings, and what you can do about it. Also, not all SEO providers are good providers, and we recommend working with professionals.

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is content that appears in two or more places. Places being any location with a unique website URL. If your homepage can be accessed through example.com or www.example.com, then that counts as duplicate content.

Though there is no penalty for duplicate content, search engines don't know which version to include in their indices. Also, they don't know which page to rank for query results. Do you see how that can be a problem for your rankings?

To remedy this, we recommend you set up server-side redirects to set one of the URLs as the official version.

2. Broken Links

A few broken links are not a problem. However, hundreds of broken links can be disastrous. First, there is traffic dropdown if a customer sees a 404 page instead of useful information. What's worse is that people perceive your website as low quality.

Broken links also waste your crawl budget. You see, spiders crawl several pages but not the entire website. With many broken links, you divert the spider's attention from your website.

3. Low Word Count

Word count is a complicated metric. On the one hand, Google has no minimum word requirement, while on the other, it assigns relevance according to the word count.

Longer content is considered as rich content and ranks higher. We recommend 3000-word articles as they get 77.2% more links to 1000-word articles. They also get more social shares and rank higher.


These three issues are probably hurting your SEO efforts, and though not all affect rankings equally, they are a direct violation of rules.

Technical SEO requires expertise, and you should work with SEO gurus.

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