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Why You Need Video Marketing in 2021

WebMarkets | 02 Apr, 2021 | SEO | Return|

Video content is the most powerful, engaging and thrilling piece of content available today.

78% of people report watching videos online each week, with 55% of those watching on a daily basis. - Social Media Week.

In 2020, video marketing became one of the most preferred and influential trends in digital marketing. As the power of video online increases, it’s essential for brands to stay ahead of the trends creating professional video content that tells a story, shares your products, or gives consumers insight into your business’s benefits.

While professional videos require professional video production and videography experts, we’re here to share a list of secrets that will help your video marketing excel.

7 Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Make short, high-quality videos. The rule of thumb is to keep videos under two minutes, but optimal video length is dependent on where you share and embed it.
  2. The content of the video must be relevant and transparent. Utilize videos as a source of story-telling.
  3. Informative videos perform better than promotional videos. Find a tip you can share, a skill you can showcase, or an inside look you can give.
  4. Include a call-to-action. What should viewers do after they’ve seen the video? Learn more on your website? Share it with a friend? Utilize the video to encourage your audience to follow-up with the next steps.
  5. Optimize the video for search. Many people don’t realize the SEO benefits of videos; adding a good description, including proper keywords, can help your video reach a vast audience.
  6. Create videos designed specifically for your website. Matching the video content to your brand positioning will help your video stand out amongst your competitors.
  7. Determine your target audience before creating the video. With your target audience in mind developing a storyboard will help you create a must-watch video.
Why you need video marketing in 2021 webmarkets Boise

The Advantages that Come with Video Marketing are Undeniable

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. - Wyzowl.

Video marketing allows you to quickly communicate value propositions while separating your brand from the competition. There are many benefits to video marketing. Videos have the power to:

  • Generate greater awareness of your products or services, and increase engagement for your brand.
  • Increase the popularity, knowledge, and interest of your company.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase product and service sales.
  • Increase overall revenue of the company

For your videos to stand out, professional video production is essential. With a highly-skilled videographer on the team, webmarkets is prepared to help create unique videos that tell your story and generate greater brand awareness. Together, we have the power to marry images and ideas.

Contact us to strategize on how video marketing can be of extreme benefit to your business.

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