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Tired Of Pop-Up Ads? Your Customers Are Too

WebMarkets | 22 Dec, 2016 | popup ads | Return|

Exposing the Truth About Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are online advertising ads that "pop up" up ahead of your website visitors. Most business brands use pop-up ads to increase readership to their content. Pop-ups actively engage site visitors upon visiting your site, which is not bad, but these pop-ups can be irritating as well. Many website visitors use ad blockers and pop-up blockers to disregard ads found on websites.

How Annoying!

Pop-ups tend to be annoying as some of them prompt users to sign up to proceed. The sign-up process loads for a very long time, due to substantial content contained on the website. During the loading process, site visitors think that malicious software is being installed on their computer. This results to the visitors getting rid of the pop-up ads using ad blockers. Moreover, website visitors are annoyed by the fact that most pop-up ads occupy the entire browser screen and take more time to discard.

Whats Yours is Mine and Whats Mine is Mine

Pop-ups that show up abruptly, blocks and hijacks control of a reader’s experience on the website. These pop-ups obstruct what the user has come to see on the website. As a consequence of doing this, they create a negative brand reputation and perception. Popup adverts running as Javascript lightboxes are so annoying to website readers. This is because the scripts interrupt the website visitor’s browsing experience, by decreasing Internet speeds or making a website page unresponsive. Therefore, website visitors are forced to add the website being considered to the list of domains that are no longer acknowledged to run Javascript. To get back to what the reader was accomplishing, the website visitor will be required to refresh the website page.

It is also annoying when pop-ups are displayed on every single page a user visits. No matter how important the website content is to the website visitor, the reader may decide to leave the site, and never get back to the website again. Some pop-ups block everything on the screen and do not have an X symbol or a close button to discard them. This is so irritating to most website visitors and may ruin a business brand reputation.

What A Drag

Pop-up ads are alive for one sole purpose, to obtain leads. The problem with this, pop-up ads are also showing up in from of the clients, customers and prospects that you don't want. You know, those clients that demand all of your time and pay the very least possible, then complain about the results. This wastes the two most important aspects of your business: Time and Money.

Is There A Better Way?

The answer is yes. There should be a natural progression from a visitor reading content and engaging in a call to action. What is this call to action you ask? A call to action is a tactical maneuver that creates an online form submission, phone call, sign up, or purchase. rather than shoving a form in your prospective buyers face, your website should ask for a call to action submission in a natural and polite way. This will increase conversions of your target customers.

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