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What is Social SEO?

Why is Social SEO Important?

Google is changing. Since December, 2010, Google has created more emphasis on the social media status of a website. What this means is Google sees higher value the more followers, unique content, and level of activity your business carries on multiple social media networks. This social media grading system by Google are called signals, and they affect many attributes in the Google search engine algorithm.

Establishing a broad social media presence also promotes online branding, loyalty, preference, and overall traffic. Sooner than later, social media marketing will replace big budget advertising from radio and print. Why, you ask? Think about it! With what other marketing tools can a business effective brand their products over and over and know how many people receive the message? With social analytics, a business can effectively track their social media marketing efforts to multiple target audiences who want information on your product. Can you do that with print or radio?

Sounds Pretty easy right? Well, the problem lies where older websites are not conforming to the change. Black hat SEO practices are very common in this point of time. What is black hat? Black hat SEO is viewed from Google's eyes as partial spamming of a website to create higher search engine results based on specific keywords. Black hat is a cookie-cutter approach that has worked in the past but is not working any longer because of the search algorithm changes made by Google to give value to those that naturally value. The answer is white hat. White Hat SEO techniques stay within the compliance standards of Google. These techniques take longer, but in the long run, you will experience a website with lasting rankings and zero penalties from Google. In the end, the saying, Content is King, is legit.

Business Owners and Sales Managers: What Do You Do Next?

The question to always ask first, what do you need? If you need to build customer loyalty, establish trust, increase awareness to new audiences within your target audience, then Social SEO is perfect for you. However, you need to make sure when you implement a Social SEO strategy, you do it correctly. Establish the correct Internet marketing game plan and implement white hat SEO techniques. Social media marketing management and search engine optimization strategies and techniques are giant marketing methods to correctly manage and implement. Our advice, hire an Internet marketing consultant who knows what they are doing. All consultants are not created equal.

Innovating Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is how companies create a strong online brand and reliable reputation for their products and services online. WebMarkets helps to identify which social media platforms are best for your business and it's target market. We custom design & create social media business pages to increase consumer awareness, brand loyalty, lead generation and sales.


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