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Tips to Create Relevant, Refreshing, and Educational Content.

WebMarkets | 31 Aug, 2021 | Digital Marketing, SEO | Return|

Stagnant content. Nobody's got time for that.

People in the 21st century are either producing, consuming, or thinking. An average of 2.5 hours per day is spent on social networks and messaging.

What content is being consumed by your most ideal client in that 2.5 hours? Hopefully yours!

Delivering content that has personality, whether that be your interesting brand or unique style, means creating campaigns built on sharing your voice. The best social media posts are refreshing, educational, or cause the viewer to think longer.

4 Tips to Create Refreshing Content

With 4 billion active online users, content is being quickly produced and shared. Having content that stands out, is relatable, and is informative is essential.

1. Have an opinion.

Frequently, businesses don't share their positioning on specific topics as they're trying not to offend anyone. However, passionate people have opinions, and they want to know the businesses they support share them. If you have company values, you have opinions about the way things should be. Share those!

2. Give humor a try

The quickest way to connect with someone on an emotional level? Making them laugh! While your brand might not be rooted in comedy, you can always find a way to incorporate a good laugh.

Tips to Create Relevant, Refreshing, and Educational Content

3. Do something other businesses in your industry don't do.

Try to think of ways you can make your brand stand out amongst your closest competition. Shoutout your customers, share a behind the scenes views, get viewers involved. The options are endless!

4. Admit when you make a mistake.

Nobody fancies perfect people. We all make mistakes! Admitting some of the times you've made a mistake and what you've learned will reveal some of the humanity and humility within your organization.

Strategies for Creating Educational Content

By creating educational content, you have the means to cultivate brand exposure and foster engagement.

Depending on the nature of your company's product or service, different strategies for creating educational content may be better suited than others. At webmarkets, we've found strategies are best performed when a combination of approaches is mixed to create a multi-media campaign.

How to Use Educational Content to Drive Brand Engagement

Contextual Resources

Also known as the content that answers questions. How does your brand fit into the industry? Why does the consumer need to be purchasing your services or products?

Leader Transparency

Personal thoughts and experiences from the company leaders sharing authentic stories and insights into their areas of expertise prove to aid in humanizing your company.

Unique Engagement Tools

Create tools that allow users to learn about and engage with your brand. Interactive tools can cultivate, drive, and teach brand trust and loyalty at the highest level.

Brand Awareness

Creating a "gallery" of information and services is a passive way of providing educational content. With your help, customers can make an informed purchase decision.

Value-driven content plays a large part in claiming authority in the digital space. With your consumer in mind, we can create a content strategy focused on providing answers to most asked questions.

We've found success in continually checking our content and analyzing what is working versus what isn't, then creating new campaigns based on our findings.

Planning and creating a plethora of content is time-consuming. If you would rather focus on producing top-line growth while ensuring that your content efforts online are in the hands of skilled professionals, contact our team at webmarkets.

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