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Why You Need Your Personal Name .com

WebMarkets | 26 Sep, 2017 | Brand Strategy | Return|

What's On Your Google Search?

When you type in your name, what do you find on Google? Better yet, when you type in a more specific search such as your name and job title or city, what do you find? If you find search results that don't really represent you properly as an individual, well then, this article is for you.

When you buy a domain that has your personal name as the address, it will come up when an Internet user searches your name on Google, as long as you have built a Google Compliant website. Of all the things that you fear may be listed on Google, at least your website will accurately depict your personal brand, because you control 100% of the content. It is likely to be the first result, too. This can be helpful if you share the same name with other people because you will now be at the top. For all people, brands and businesses, your website is the only platform available that you can control 100% of the content. For most people, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn results place #1 on a personal name search. This is beneficial, but still, you cannot control what others say about you on social media platforms. This means a personal name .com website is the #1 asset for your personal brand.

Protect Your Name, Throughout the World

Now, let's talk about personal branding. What is the value of your name? What is the reputation of your name?  Who else has a .com or other domain name with your personal name in the URL? Well, for many celebrities, professionals and individuals seeking a brand identity, it is priceless. As online content and competition continues to strengthen without an end near in sight, it is a must to position yourself in the highest, most quality competitive advantage as possible.

Is your personal name .com domain already taken? For the John Smith's and Chris Jones' of the world, there's still hope. You can still negotiate a price to pay to the owner of the domain...that is, if they are willing to sell. We have seen domain companies gobble up as many domains as possible, only to sell them at a 1,000% mark up. It's a cold world out there, we know. We're talking price ranging from $50 to $900,000. Like, what?? To find who owns your personal name .com or any other extension for that matter, visit the who.is database

Domain Names are Cheap

Well, for the most part. Buying a new, unregistered domain name is very inexpensive, and if you have an uncommon name, then you likely will be able to get it before anyone else does. GoDaddy and Dotster are two websites that sell domain names. You should be able to purchase one up for no more than $12-$25 a year. For such a small price, everyone should try to own the domain of their name before someone else of the same name picks it up before you. If that happens, you could always add your middle name to the website, too.

Jerk Protection

If the website is available, anyone can purchase it. So, someone that dislikes you or that doesn't even know you at all can buy the domain of your name and put up some things that you won't like. Some people buy lots of web domain names in hopes of being able to sell them at a higher price to someone else that wants it later. Either way, you should just buy it before anyone else does.

Custom E-mail Address

If you purchase the domain name, you can set up a professional e-mail address using that domain name. It could be your name before and after the @. Wouldn't that be pretty sweet? It would look much better than one that ends with the generic Gmail.com or Yahoo.com

Our Recommendations

We strongly advise you to purchase your own personal name domain in a .com. If a .com is not available, looks for other top tier domains such as .net, .org or .info. Still no dice? Looks for .me, .io or .name. Whether you are in business or striving to be, we can all acknowledge that we are in the information age. During this tremendous period of time, information is gold. And securing your own brand identity could be the critical inch that lands you that new job or contract. And as always, if you have any questions, contact webmarkets.

Business and Personal Branding Strategy

When a company's brand is well-known, this relevance can be overall beneficial to their sales and business. webmarkets can help manage your Internet reputation and create a positive image for the public to view. For the details, contact webmarkets about managing your business brand messaging online.


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