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Why You Need to be Using LinkedIn for Your Business

Are you linked... LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. It allows your brand to grow through word-of-mouth as a reputable and trustworthy organization.

84% of users generate several business opportunities from the use of LinkedIn.

Do You Have a Company LinkedIn Page?

LinkedIn for business, a Company Page, provides your business with the opportunity to tell your company's story, engage with followers, share career opportunities, and sell through word of mouth marketing.

The benefits of having a LinkedIn Company Page are undeniable, but most importantly, businesses gain immense credibility. To boost your chances of success, here are a few tips.

6 Tips to Having a Successful LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Create Valuable and Shareable Content. The best way to grow your audience is by posting regularly with company updates and relatable articles of value. Be sure to include rich media, including images and videos.
    Fun fact: Companies that post 20 times a month reach 60% of their followers, 20% of followers are typically reached with one status update.
  2. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors. Standing out against competitors is always something to strive for. Using your company description to share news and information about your company culture can help convey your values as well as reach potential customers and future employees. Utilize visual storytelling, including links to videos, infographics, and photos.
  3. Post Relevancy. LinkedIn gives you an easy way to spread all the important news about your business, convert followers to website traffic, and further into business leads.
    The top five reasons why people follow brands on social media are:
    • Promotions and Discounts
    • Latest product news and updates
    • Customer service
    • Entertainment
    • Opportunity to provide feedback
  4. Find Job Candidates. One of the great things about LinkedIn is it reveals valuable insight into your company and allows you to develop relationships with prospective employees and referral sources.
  5. Encourage Employees to Connect With Your Company's LinkedIn Page. The best resource to grow your audience is employees. Companies with a strong employee advocacy program are 58% more likely to attract top talent. Encourage employees to add their positions and a company bio to their personal profiles, linking directly back to your Company Page.
  6. Understanding the LinkedIn Algorithm. LinkedIn is actively searching, reading, and analyzing the content of your posts as well as your behavior as a Company Page. It's crucial to understand why you're posting and who can benefit from your content.
Why use linkedin for your business webmarkets

LinkedIn provides a way for you to reach a more comprehensive network of people, specifically other business professionals. At webmarkets, we understand the in's and out's of LinkedIn- what posts work, how often to post, who to connect with. Consider us your LinkedIn Specialists.

If you're interested in learning how webmarkets can increase your LinkedIn status? Contact us!

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