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What Affects Local Search Rankings? The 411 on Local Searches

So you search Google for your business, but nothing comes up... what gives?

The benefits of a local search are undeniable. Local searches allow you to put important information about your business such as an address, hours of operation, and phone number online where searchers can easily access it. In essence, with local SEO, you’re providing potential customers with the information they want. 

We're here to share tips about how local search rankings work and how to make sure your business is showing up in the right searches.

What is Used to Determine Local Search Rankings?

Main Factors That Determine Whether Your Business Comes up

While there are multiple search directories online and each one has a different set of factors that may aid in your business pulling up, here are three elements that will remain important.

  1. Relevance - How closely your business matches the search terms or keywords.
  2. Distance - Google wants to show the businesses closest to the searcher.
  3. Prominence - Positive reviews, other directory listings, articles and relevant links contribute to prominence.
What Affects Local Search Rankings? The 411 on Local Searches

Top 10 Local Search Directories

  1. Google My Business
  2. Yahoo! Local
  3. Bing Places
  4. Yelp
  5. Superpages
  6. Best of the Web
  7. Yellow Pages
  8. Foursquare
  9. HotFrog
  10. Better Business Bureau

Where does Google get business information?

Google is the number one search engine used by internet users with over 4 billion worldwide users. Google must remain a top priority when focusing on local SEO. Google pulls business information from a variety of sources, including:

Most Common Reasons Your Visibility is Affected

If the information above is accurately provided, here are some common reasons why you might not be showing up in relevant searches:

  1. Unverified Google account
  2. Inconsistent information
  3. Violation of guidelines
  4. Recent changes in information
  5. Your search history

Google's Tips to Improving Your Visibility

Google has provided a few essential tips to help improve your business’s visibility in local searches.

  • Complete ALL available data fields
  • Verify the listing
  • Ensure your hours of operation are accurate
  • Add photos
  • Manage and respond to reviews

The goal is to ensure your business shows up in relevant local searches to help current, past, and future customers find you. 

We're pros when it comes to managing the necessary content to reach your target demographic with local search. Contact us today to discuss our search optimization tools and strategies.

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