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Hyper focused targeting, build your brand, increase your sales, and drive new website traffic.

In today’s day and age it is nearly impossible to stay away from social media, whether you are browsing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other media sites. If you are browsing these sites, then so are your customers. Social media advertising with proper management can not only increase your brand awareness and perception, but also increase your sales by finding you new customers, who may not have known who you are prior.

It is no hidden secret that Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks in the world. Recently it was reported that Facebook has 2.4 Billion+ active users a month with Instagram right behind at 1 Billion+ active users a month. So what are the odds that your customers aren’t there? Slim to none. With proper management your ads can be shown to your customers who have interests in your industry, competitors, or even the product/service you offer.

With social media and advertising experts at webmarkets, we’re prepared to help take your business to the next level through social media advertising. We’ll work with you to create a specific plan that reaches your desired target audience and shares the distinctive positioning of your brand.

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Facebook and Instagram may be the top social avenues, however that's not to overlook the many others that are actively used constantly:

  • TikTok: 850 Million+ Active Users Monthly
  • LinkedIn: 303 Million+ Active Users Monthly
  • Twitter: 330 Million+ Active Users Monthly
  • Reddit: 330 MIllion+ Active Users Monthly
  • Snapchat: 301 Million+ Active Users Monthly
  • Pinterest: 291 Million+ Active Users Monthly

We have stated proper management multiple times, so what does that mean and look like? Well, proper advertising management includes:

  • Strategizing which platform will be the most effective to reach your prospective customers
  • Budget optimization
  • Creating all advertisement assets including text copy and graphics
  • Creative and strategic advertisement design
  • Proper targeting including demographics, interests, and job title
  • Bi-Weekly or Monthly Meetings with a dedicated Account Manager who walks you through campaign goals, objectives, and results

Social Media Advertising Opportunities

Focusing on the top social networks, Facebook and Instagram, there are multiple types of campaigns you can run to find your new customers:

  • Brand Awareness: Increase people’s awareness of your brand, business or service.
  • Reach: Show your advertisement to as many people as possible in your desired target audience.
  • Traffic: Utilize your advertisements to drive people to a URL of your choice.
  • Engagement: Target your audience who is most likely to engage with your post or profile by liking, following, commenting, sharing or even claiming promotional offers.
  • App Installs: Campaign specifically designed to increase app installs from your customers.
  • Video Views: Share your videos specifically to those who will watch them.
  • Lead Generation: Collect new leads and prospects for your business designed to capture information on them or even increase newsletter subscribers.
  • Messages: Connect with your new customers or prospects via Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, or even WhatsApp.
  • Conversions: Direct your customers and leads to your website to take a specific action there, including add to cart, purchase, sign up, or even download your app from your website.
  • Catalog Sales: Perfect for E-Commerce! Show customers your products to generate sales.
  • Store Traffic: Showcase your brick and mortar store to potential customers nearby and in a radius of your choosing.

With the proper outlet chosen and the optimal campaign objective in sight, webmarkets is able to target a specific audience that matches your business's ideal customer. How do we target correctly:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Job Titles
  • Behaviors
  • Interests
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences

The team at webmarkets is ready to get your business online and in front of billions of potential new customers. Contact us today if you have any questions about Social Media advertising or if you are ready to find new customers for your business!

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