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How Plastic Surgeons Benefit From Social Media Marketing

When it comes to growing your plastic surgery practice, social media can play a big role in helping you to achieve your goals, gain new clients, and entice existing clients with new and exciting procedures you're offering within your practice.

While you must abide by HIPAA laws in order to protect clients you have already served, some clients may agree to allow you to post before and after photos. Others may feel more comfortable if you block out certain details that would give our their identity, such as their eyes. Withholding their name and age is also helpful to comply with HIPAA laws. Offering the client a free skin care product or similar bonus for allowing your practice to share their before and after photos is a nice way to say thank you, as sharing the before and after photos on social media has the potential to gain a lot of new clients.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an excellent way to display before and after photos. Facebook posts should be short and to the point. People love to see pictures, so this is a great place to show off your outstanding work. Encourage clients to "follow" your practice on Facebook. This is also a great way to offer special deals exclusively to Facebook followers. For example, a post such as "Our client was extremely happy with her Restylane injections. Look at her beautiful before and after shots -- she looks 10 years younger all within a matter of 15 minutes. Mention this Facebook post to receive 15% off your next filler treatment."

Pinterest Marketing

Utilize Pinterest to display before and after photos and show off new products. Pinterest is also a big site for "DIY." Post a few graphics with tips on DIY skin care treatments, such as the yogurt mask or honey hair treatment. Post about "mommy makeover" procedures on Pinterest, as this site is a popular site for moms to gain ideas about arts and craft projects to do with their children. Keep in mind that buttons to follow your practice on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should all be posted on every site your practice is on, including your website.

Instagram Marketing

Utilize Instagram for loads and loads of pictures. Share when new skin care products have arrived. Make sure your photography game is up to par when it comes to Instagram. Get creative with different angles and filters that can be used on Instagram. Be fun and conversational with your posts on Instagram. For exmaple, "Pumpkin spice and everything nice! We can't wait to try this new skin care that arrived. It contains pumpkin -- just in time for Fall!" Show off before and after pictures. For clients who agree, share personal stories of their successful before and after photos.

Twitter Marketing

Utilize Twitter to give the latest updates on your practice, including employee news and promotions. Tweets must be short and to the point. You can also post photos on Twitter. Keep things interesting and fun. Always offer discounts from time to time for social media followers.

Bottom Line For Your Patients

Social media also brings a great tool to your practice called communication. Within your medical social media channels, doctors and their staff can effectively communicate medical best practices, at home care, proactive care, and profitable procedures to those in need. Within your social media followng, you can control your patient communication by answetring private, one on one questions for patients as well. This improves your brand communication and streamlines the process to building a medical practice filled with loyal pateints.

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