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The Business of Online Ordering for Restaurants

The Benefits Are Clear: All Restaurants Will Implement Online Ordering Within The Next 5 Years.

Did you know that online ordering can build consumer loyalty and increase revenue? With the emergence of social and mobile technologies, restaurants have found a way to leverage these assets to increase revenue and save their restaurant staff time. The solution is online ordering, from webmarkets.

Online ordering greatly benefits both customers and restaurants. People that order pizza and Chinese food are usually looking for a quick meal. They don't want to deal with the hassle of interacting over the phone. Ordering through a smartphone or computer is much easier. The main way that restaurants benefit is through the leverage of this technology. Setting up online ordering makes the restaurant more appealing to the customer. Many customers that prefer online ordering will choose that restaurant over the competition.

Streamline Your Ordering Processes

Online ordering also expedites the process of ordering for the business. Customers don't need to have their order read back over the phone. Delivery drivers frequently have to return orders because the order is misheard. This slows down the whole delivery process because the driver is forced to take multiple routes to return orders. It also backs up the restaurant's kitchen. Customers prefer online menus. They don't have to search around the house for a physical menu. Many customers likely just grab whatever menu is available. Businesses that offer online ordering give their customers constant access to their menu. Customers can instantly look up a bookmark or google the restaurant's homepage. It's even better to be ranked high on organic SEO search results.

Who Uses Paper Anymore Anyways?

Many food chains are considering completely abandoning paper menus. Boston Pizza is one food chain that has completely integrated online ordering into all 350 of its locations. This Canadian pizza restaurant selected POSitouch to route its orders. The orders go through two different systems to reach the internal POS. ONOSYS is used by a lot of major chains. These include KFC, Applebees, Papa John's and Outback Steakhouse. ONOSYS sets up online ordering for computers and smartphones. The company claims that it made over $300,000,000 in projected sales on its platform in 2015. Many of these chains also use the POSitouch system. This system acts as an intermediary between the Internet and the restaurant. It streamlines the ordering process.

Point of Sale Integration

Online ordering is becoming more popular among large chains precisely because it is demonstrated to increase revenue for these businesses. The ONOSYS system uses an intelligent algorithm that increases average ticket sales by over 20%. Implementing online ordering naturally increases traffic to the website as well. A dedicated online marketing campaign for a small business may benefit a lot by implementing online ordering. Small businesses often choose not to hire a large company to implement online ordering. Setting up online ordering can be as easy as routing a processed order to a text message or email. The cashier can manually register the transaction from there.

Information is Gold

One overlooked benefit that larger firms offer businesses is the ability to analyze data. Business owners can easily look at statistics on what their most preferred orders are. They can observe the behavior patterns of customers. The business may save more money when it does an inventory of its food. It also makes it easier to estimate projected online sales.

The main reason people prefer online ordering is that it's fast and easy. Smartphones are now used to call cabs and make restaurant reservations. It only makes sense that delivery restaurants are going to follow this trend. Over 180 million people are estimated to own smartphones in the United States. This market offers a lot of untapped potential to delivery businesses that are willing to jump on the trend as soon as possible.


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