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The Power of Communities on Social Media & Why Social Connections Matter

Did you know 91% of people believe in social media's power to connect people? And 78% of consumers want brands to use social media to help people connect with each other.

This begs the question, are you utilizing your space on social media to create the connections consumers are looking for?

Having a social presence is a great opportunity to put your brand's raw personality on center stage. Take this time to nurture your fans and develop a community that not only shares a desire for your products or services but can ultimately create connections with one another.

Where can you begin? Here are 5 Tips to get you started creating communities on social media.

  1. Listen to the conversation. Take advantage of social listening tools! Pay attention to what people are saying and needing. Read the comments, reply to messages, and stay invested in the conversations among your audience. Is your content mindful or helpful during the current climate of the world?
  2. Understand there is a place for your business. Once you get a grasp of how your target audience is conversing, figure out how your brand can deliver on wants and needs. Remember: strive to be helpful.
  3. Don't use a global emergency to promote. Consumers are savvy; they can smell sneaky tricks! Whether you’re developing a new social strategy or sending a message from the boss, make sure it aligns with your brand and resonates with your public. It’s essential to utilize your social media presence to create an understanding of the ideals and morals behind your brand.
  4. Lead with empathy. The entire world is experiencing together. Instead of capitalizing on a situation, empathize with your audience. How can you use your platform or services for the greater good? Are you providing a reason for consumers to continue supporting you? Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for brands that share similar values and utilize their platforms to make an active impression.
  5. Connect with your community. This is the space to show the heart of your company. Understanding what’s important to your audience and your business allows you to showcase your brand ideals and create a deeper connection with your consumers.
Why Social Connections Matter webmarkets Boise

WebMarkets is Here to Help You Create Connections Through Social Media.

Our team is here to help you! With a team of marketing experts, we understand the importance of creating meaningful connections on social media. We also understand how to create those connections through detailed marketing campaigns, conversation-starting copyright, and customized brand strategy.

Allow us to share our expertise with you. Contact us, and we can help develop a social strategy destined to set you apart.

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