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How SEO is Changing Healthcare

SEO Saves Time and Money

Search engine optimization marketing strategies are not only saving healthcare organizations time, but SEO also saves them money. Doctors, dentists, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals do not have the time to spend searching for new clients; likewise, their staff does not have the time. However, in order to attract new customers, it has to be done. SEO does this, and it is proven to help increase an organization’s customer base. The money that the healthcare organizations spend on SEO firms is well worth it, and they will receive quality campaigns and designs that result in revenue increases, high-quality websites, and increased patient volume. This gives the healthcare professionals and their staff more time to concentrate on improving customer service, implementing new healthcare practices, and retaining current customers.

Lead generation could also help hospitalsdentists, doctors, chiropractors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals create more sales pertaining to their practice, such as any services and products that they provide. These healthcare organizations will not only sell, but they will sell quicker, and more often. With lead generation, the companies only bring customers that will actually become patients, which helps the organization save time weeding through countless inquiries that do not pan out.

Provide Accurate Information to Patients

It is true that 73% of patients will search for a healthcare organization’s website before calling to schedule an appointment. Social media allows the healthcare industry to share information, in a timely manner, pertaining to diseases, symptoms, treatments, medications, and more. Some sites will even partner with healthcare organizations. These social media sites will have forums that potential patients sign up for, looking for accurate information and good healthcare providers. This allows a healthcare organization to gain media coverage, and attract new patients, as well as new staff members.

Keeping Up the Pace Even though SEO is currently dominating the healthcare industry, this was not always the case. Years ago, dentists, doctors, plastic surgeons, and other healthcare organizations were using traditional marketing campaigns, such as massive email distributions. After seeing the success that other industries had using SEO practices to get in touch with more focused demographics, the healthcare industry decided to give digital marketing a try. Even though the healthcare industry has made massive improvements to their pace with SEO developments, this industry remains at least two years behind other industries.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

The fact that millions of people access businesses and organizations from their Smartphone device is one of the ways that SEO is changing healthcare. Google has even begun to tag its search results as “mobile-friendly.” To keep up with these advances in technology, healthcare clinics, and doctor’s offices are creating mobile-friendly website designs that their patients can access from a tablet, Smartphone, or any other mobile device.

Patients can schedule appointments, chat with a healthcare provider, and receive answers to their healthcare questions without making a call or coming in for a visit. This is great for business because it allows healthcare facilities to reach current clients, as well as potential patients. Those healthcare institutions that do not have mobile-friendly websites are missing out on the SEO opportunities available. SEO healthcare content reaches 91% of mobile device users, in comparison to 62% of PC and laptop users.

SEO has, and continues to take the world by storm. This is a time when patients can use the internet to fulfill all of their needs, pertaining to healthcare. Investing in SEO is a great choice for healthcare organizations. It helps organizations beat out their competition, increases sales revenue, raises the patient volume, and increases visibility.

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