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Why the Best SEO Specialists are Marketing Professionals

WebMarkets | 01 Dec, 2014 | SEO | SEO, Digital Marketing | Return|

We hear it all the time. Yes, I'm a programmer and yea, I do all the SEO.

IT professionals and programmers are not marketers. They just don't think like a marketer. Think about it, would you want a programmer, who has not studied business marketing to interact with the community to sell your products? Heck NO! Marketing professionals have a niched set of skills to identify and capitalize on the opportunity.

SEO Semantics

SEO has a foundation of playing with words and context. Your keyword terms are the foundations of your site's Local SEO or National SEO. What are your core services and competitive advantages? These need to be shouted out via content and submitted to Google. Wrong keyword terms mean the wrong foundation, which means that your entire SEO structure inbuilt on the wrong cornerstone and ultimately, is being displayed by search engines for the wrong target markets.

SEO is a constant mind game. Its essence is getting into the minds of your customers and being able to think like them. Know what your buys will search for and be available to them when they do. Only the most intuitive marketing professionals can do this. Being able to predict trends is one of the best talents of a marketing professional and not of a programmer.

SEO Link Building

SEO is about being popular. Not, not like party invites or social media likes, but thrid party website backlinks. We find that the stronger the content on your website, structured in a Google compliant format, the more opportunity third party websites will recognize your content as valuable to their website visitors, and link to your page. This adds to your website's domain authority, as seen on the SEO Pie Chart.

Out-Dated SEO Techniques

Beware of old school programmer SEO techniques. What do we mean by this? Back when Google and Yahoo search first evolved, meta keyword and URL addresses were key in SEO. If you wanted to be ranked high, purchase a URL domain with your keyword in it and stuff a ton of crap related to your keyword in your meta keyword tags. A ton of programmers still think this is SEO. All we can give them is a frownie face :~(.

Online Marketers are the Best SEO Specialists

The best Internet marketing SEO specialists that we know are not IT or programmer guys. They are marketing professionals. Marketing professionals who understand the process of keyword research, competition analysis, link building, and how to interact with the target audience of who is most likely to purchase your product or service. Marketers know how to get their brand or product out there and they're using SEO as one of the tools that are essential in today's digital world. The bottom line: It's all about consumer behavior. Marketers are experts at analyzing and identifying behaviors, interests, and demographics that are more likely to purchase specific products. A great SEO strategy integrates all of these aspects into the Brand strategy, SEO strategywebsite design, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, content creation, and organic social media management.

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Organic SEO Management

On average, SEO generates the highest conversion ratios of all traffic sources. When implemented correctly, SEO enables high rankings on major search engines, while also generating high quality leads to your business.


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