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On-Page SEO, Simplified

WebMarkets | 31 Jan, 2020 | SEO | Return|

On-page is unlike off-page SEO, where you focus on getting backlinks to your content and other marketing activities.

Importance of On-Page SEO

First, Google is smarter than it was back in the day. It is better at understanding what users are searching for and delivering results that meet the intent. Adapting to such development increases your chances of ranking higher.

However, despite the development, the search giant still relies on old-school stuff like looking for a keyword. Research shows that Google crawls for keywords, and articles with keyword-rich title tags rank higher than the competition.

But on-page SEO is crucial as it is what you can control best.

Essentials of On-Page SEO

There are three major on-page SEO factors. Consider these as pillars.

  • Immaculate UX

Also known as user experience, UX is essential if you want people to stay on your website.

Flawless UX allows people to find what they are looking for in a heartbeat. As such, navigation should be clear, and your website should be fast. Yes, UX is more than creating a beautiful website design.

  • Technical Brilliance

Search engines are not perfect at crawling and indexing. They are good, but not perfect. And should they encounter a problem, they move on to the competition. Excellent technical SEO makes your website easier to crawl and index.

Your code should be immaculate and check that you are not blocking spiders from crawling and indexing your page.

  • Remarkable Content

Content is the most crucial ranking factor. As such, your content should not be short of exceptional. Google prefers long-form content, with a video or two, and images.

Also, the content should be easy to read, informative, and consisting of the right keywords.

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