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Thousands of customers, clients and patients are searching Google every day, actively seeking solutions to their problems. When optimized for SEO, you can position your business to provide solutions for the customer, boosting business revenue. Research shows that companies that are ranked in the top 3 positions on Google see ten times the website traffic volume as those who are not. Your best clients, customers and patients are searching with intent to purchase your products and services. WebMarkets Eugene SEO allows them to select your company, first.


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Google has stated the most powerful form of referral, is a link from one website to another. An effective link building campaign is the most powerful aspect of any SEO strategy. The goal: To build high quality links on 3rd party websites from around the world. When this is implemented, be prepared to experience fantastic results.

Content is King. And your website's content tells your story to Google and the end user reading it. When content is structured in a google compliant format, your SEO rankings will rise, creating more inbound website traffic and ultimately, sales.

Google crawls every page of your website and reads it like a book. The more google compliant pages, each having a unique value to it's index, the higher your website will rank on a variety of keywords. Google crawls the information that every end user can read, called the page content. What some don't realize, or pay extra attention to, is the fact the Google also crawls content that the average user cannot read. This content is classified as meta content. With an effective on-page SEO strategy, you will see your website rankings rise on Google.

Social Media Signals also impact your SEO. What happens here you ask? Every time you list your company website on Facebook for example, Google sees that. Google also noticed how many likes, shares, and comments are placed on every single post with a link. therefore, these are known as social media signals, and they help increase the authority and credibility of every link they are applied to.

From a local Eugene perspective, an optimized Google My Business page is absolutely mandatory and should be everyone's step 1. Google My Business is optimized for local and mobile search. This started as a 6 pack of listings, only to be dwindled down to a 3 pack of listings, combined with Google Maps. Here you can list your company information, content, and reviews under one account.

There are hundreds of directories out there, all of which display incorrect information about your business Name, Address and Phone Numbers (NAP). Streamlining all of these listings to display accurate information is vital when developing a local, Eugene SEO strategy.

Citation listings are similar to NAP Consistency, but indicate strong location signals to the Google algorithm. So, for all Eugene companies looking to increase their local Eugene SEO, adding additional citation listings to the top directories is vital.


Finally, someone explained it.

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At WebMarkets, we develop an SEO program that integrates with your current business model and marketing mix, geared to increase our customer's return on investment. Where does this start you ask? It always starts with research and strategy. Keyword research and strategy is vital when determining traffic volume, competition, realistic timelines and the profitability of a variety of SEO campaigns.

There are many companies that will get their clients ranked #1 on a low volume keyword that's simply not profitable. Not us. At WebMarkets we develop winning SEO strategies that enable incredibly high ROI metrics. Our most effective SEO strategy? Developing and implementing SEO results for our clients.

As a certified Google partner, WebMarkets is privy to many emerging technologies and application that are implemented by Google. WebMarkets also has access to a variety of marketing agency level SEO software applications designed to identify SEO opportunities and implement them in the most effective way possible.

Time and time again we live by our SEO mission. To be up front, straight forward and transparent with our clients. SEO is a long term strategy that can and will deliver incredible business results. However, the best SEO campaign also includes realistic communication of SEO timelines, tactics, and return on investment.

  • Branded Search
  • Industry Search
  • Long-Tail Search
  • Voice Search
  • Online Reviews
  • Google Adwords - SEM
A branded search is when a Google user is searching your specific business name. When this happens, you typically see high ROI metrics. For example, if you are the owner of Butchie Lloyd's Sandwiches and a Google user searches "Butchie Lloyds" or Butchie Lloyds Sandwiches".
An industry keyword search is when a user is searching for a product or service realted item and a list of competitors are populated in a Google search. This is where any company would benefit from ranking in the top 3 positions for the user to select. For example, when a user searches for "sandwich deli near me" or "sandwich deli in Eugene".
A long-tail keyword search phrase typically comes from a Google user after a speciofic amount of research/ This involves more search for lionger phrases and suggests to Google that the user is looking for exact match item. A long-tail search drastically increases conversion rates and ROI and is known to be towards then end of the purchasing funnel. An example of long-tail search is "best pastrami sandwich deli near me" or "best pastrami sandwich deli in Eugene".
Voice search is increasing in popularity and is highly correlated to ultra long-tail search. When you speak into a device and utilize voice search, Google pulls the best information form the most credible sources to satisfy your search query. Many times, this search is a long sentence or two. Having quality content on your website will enable your site to be positioned well on Google rankings.
Online reviews, especially Google reviews, are a very helpful resource to increase your SEO, credibility and purchasing behavior. When you have an optimized Google My Business page, equipped with hundreds of company reviews, your SEO acts as a magnet to the top. Accumulating these reviews is the hard part, and WebMarkets can help.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Google Adwords is completely different than SEO. For more information on how to effectively utilized Google Adwords, visit this page.

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