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Not Getting Any Leads From Your Website?

In 2016, there are many ways to ensure that your website leads to sales. If you feel that sales are lagging, take a step back and look objectively at your website. There are many steps you can take to improve your website and consequently your sales.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Website Design

Check your website on a mobile phone. A website in 2016 must be "responsive," in other words, when a user views your website on a mobile phone, the full page must align itself to the left and still be visible. If you don't have a web technician, you will have to hire one in order to make your website responsive. With now over 80% of the market research via mobile device, its crazy not to implement a mobile first strategy.

Focus on Relevant Website Statistics

2- Statistics show that if a user can't find the information he or she needs within three clicks, they will leave your website in a flash. An attractive website with all the bells and whistles won't distract your user enough to stay either. An unattractive website that gets people to the information they want within three clicks will beat a gorgeous, fancy website every time. Web developers like to use an acronym: KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid. This is as easy as it sounds--keep your website simple with quick access to information.

Understand Psychology

The web has changed the way we read. Very few people have the patience to stay on your website and read through large blocks of text. And this has very little to do with the intelligence of your audience. It is imperative that you implement the inverted pyramid, which means the most important information gets highlighted at the top of the landing page.

Be Privy to Google Compliance

Google search now have over a 90% market share. So, if your website is not structured to Google compliance, you are being dropped in local and national search engine rankings. Little things like clean HTML and CSS code, header structure, keyword density, alt tags, and overall amount of content per page is a big first step in understanding Googel compliance techniques.

A responsive, effective website will include headings to denote what the page is about. In addition, it's helpful to have an eye-catching, non-blurry photograph to brand your company. And don't forget bullet points. A user needs to be able to scan the page and know what information to expect right away. Just like the three clicks rule, your user will simply leave your website if he or she cannot quickly find the information they need.

Be Aesthetically Appealing

Even though a user will choose an unattractive, informative, easily navigable website over a gorgeous one, that doesn't mean you should skimp on design. Be sure to keep the KISS philosophy in mind: keep it simple. Work with a professional web team to create and update your website. Be sure to include social media icons; eye-catching, current photographs or images; and classic design elements.

Get with Google Analytics

If you are a business that does not track data, you will have no idea whether or not you are successful. Set up a vanity url with an analytic code that you may include on your printed and digital collateral. With this "vanity url" you can track how many people visited your page, if they clicked on a specific link, and which link they clicked on it. Analytics are like conducting a survey without actually asking all the questions. You can divvy up the data into a spreadsheet, measure your success and adjust your collateral. Without data, marketing is a waste of time and money.

And to be honest, there's so much more. The world of online marketig is a creative, yet technical one. And that's why were here.

To learn more, contact WebMarkets Internet Marketing.

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