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Welcoming Kellyn Wood, WebMarkets Videographer to the Team!

As another dog lover, we knew Kellyn would make a great addition to our team at webmarkets.

“Videography and film-making combine my technical and creative abilities and my passion for visual communication.”

- Kellyn Wood

A Boise State Alumn, Kellyn graduated with a degree in Media Arts with an emphasis in television, broadcast and digital media. During her college career, she served as a producer, director and content creator with Boise State’s University Television Production, BTV.

Kellyn comes to the webmarkets team eager to help elevate our client’s presence through video. Videography is an extremely powerful tool as it helps capture the truly unique values of a business and display it to thousands of consumers.

Kellyn’s first goal as a part of the webmarkets team is to get licensed, trained, and become an expert in drone video - she is now licensed, go Kellyn! Professional drone videos allow the viewer to experience a landscape never before seen. In it’s aerial beauty, webmarkets can showcase your business while coasting through the air, one captivating scene at a time. We’re excited for Kellyn to help captivate, amaze, and inspire your target audience through drone video.

Welcoming Kellyn Wood, webmarkets Videographer to the Team!

The Power of Video

Video content is the most powerful, engaging and thrilling piece of content available today. Video drives 157% increase in organic traffic, an 105% increase of time on site, and 2 times overall conversion compared to non-video marketing strategy.

Kellyn and our team at webmarkets are aware of the impact video has on a business. We work with you to create unique videos, tell your story, and generate greater brand awareness. Together we have the power to marry ideas and images.

The number of advantages that come with video marketing are undeniable.

  • Generates awareness and engagement for your brand
  • Increases popularity and interest of your company
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Increased SEO metrics
  • Helps increase product/service sales
  • Increases revenue of the company
  • Add valuable content to your website
Welcoming Kellyn Wood, webmarkets Videographer to the Team!

Get to Know Kellyn

Kellyn is a Boise native, born and raised. Like a true Boiseian, Kellyn can typically be found hiking in the foothills, camping in the mountains, or gardening at her home. As a lover of all things outdoors, Kellyn of course has Outlaw, an Australian Shepherd, who tags along on all outdoor adventures.

Along with being a video and photography enthusiast, Kellyn is a big proponent of environmental and social justice, frequently spending her extra time researching and advocating. If you want to learn more, she’s happy to share her thoughts, ideas, and beliefs with you!

Want to get a glimpse of Kellyn’s first video with webmarkets on behalf of our hyper-local marketing division, Totally Boise:


Innovating Video Marketing

Video content is the most powerful, engaging and thrilling piece of content available today. Professional videos about your business require professional video production and videography experts. webmarkets manages professional videographers in the Boise area to capture the true unique value your business has and displays it to thousands of consumers, ready to buy.


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